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Hear The Wind Blow

Clouds gathered in the western sky. Thick, gray puffs that roiled as if the Pale Horse were coming to trample me. No fear iced my veins or stuttered my heart. Given my attitude, I’d half expected to see it.

Water from heaven splattered on the windshield and parched earth as we drove down I-20 toward Dallas. So miffed was I at my husband, I couldn’t even enjoy the unexpected blessing.

Drew flipped on the wipers then squeezed my hand, which he’d held hostage since we left Forney. “You won’t regret this, I promise.”

“You also promised to take me to Hawaii. Look how that turned out.” I bit my tongue when the words, as bitter as old coffee, spilled from my mouth. We’d postponed our long-awaited honeymoon when the pastor asked us to join the mission to Honduras. After a long discussion, we agreed we’d rather spend that time and money helping the sweet people we’d met two years before.

Drew released my hand and gave a deep, slow sigh. “So that’s what this is about. If you didn’t want to go—”

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The Purse

The purse rested, tucked next to the arm of the bench, seeking protection. Its aloneness attracted the woman nearby. Annie cleared her throat, smoothing the wrinkles of the functional black coat and pulling the belt to hide the patch Mother had carefully sewn in place. She peered up and down the side corridor of Ridgeville’s large indoor mall. Mother browsed in the nearby health food store. Three teenage girls giggled near the kitchen supp,/ply store. A glimpse farther down the shiny tile floor revealed a group of young men. No one else.

Annie slid onto the cold bench seat, opposite the purse. Out of the corner of her eyes, she noted the straw-like material fronted with summery appliques of butterflies, flowers, and ladybugs, and long straps twisted and hidden beneath the handbag. The contents lay hidden as a snake curled on the ground, head tucked away.

Annie licked her lips and scooted closer to the bag. Was it a trick? She’d pick up the purse and mall security would pour from shaded corners—no that was silly. A reality show would be more likely. Annie could hear the announcer with a clear voice, What will this drab lady do with this unguarded purse? Tune in after the commercial to find out.

She shook her head before inching closer, and tucked her own bag under her arm. Extra money would be useful. A month until Christmas and nothing purchased. A vision of Mother’s face taunted Annie.

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