Jerel Law

Jerel Law is a gifted communicator, pastor, and church planter with seventeen years experience working full-time in ministry. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Seminary and began writing fiction as a way to express his faith and communicate God’s love to others. Law lives in North Carolina with his family.

Jerel Law

Spirit Fighter Recon:
Spirit Fighter Recon: Tips from the Battlefield

Things aren’t right.

They aren’t right in our world. You and I don’t have to look hard to see this, do we? Check the news online. Or better yet, look out your front door. People fight. Cancer kills. A spouse cheats on the one he’s vowed to be faithful to. Women and children are oppressed. Poverty is rampant. Iron-fisted dictators still rule countries and assault their own people with violence, fear, and death. Should I continue?

Darkness is looming in our world. Have you felt it recently? When you come in touch with the pain of life around you, expressed in the broken words of a friend or the sad eyes of a coworker, do you feel it?

A battle is raging.

In my novel Spirit Fighter, and throughout the Son of Angels series, this is a gradually evolving but massive theme. We meet young siblings Jonah and Eliza Stone in the middle of dealing with normal problems in their seemingly normal world. All they know is what they can see, hear, and touch around them. But soon, the two discover that there is an invisible, spiritual world. Just behind the curtain, a whole other world exists. And as quarter-angels, or quarterlings as they’re known in the book, Jonah and Eliza are able to step into that spiritual realm whenever they want. The two may have just discovered it, but that hidden world has always been there. It has always existed.

Soon the pair discovers that not only is the spiritual world ever-present, but that within it a battle rages between good and evil. This war didn’t begin in the “real” world—it began here, in the hidden realm. The warfare spills over into the physical world, though. The goal of the Evil One, after all, is to dominate humankind, to lord himself over them, and to make them bow down at his altar.

The Bible says that one of God’s angels led a rebellion against Him in heaven. Satan, along with one-third of the beings God created for His pleasure and service, were cast down out of His presence. Their main goal? To ruin God’s prized creation. To pry men and women away from Him, and draw them toward their own evil purposes. In this hidden realm—both in Spirit Fighter and, I believe, in our world—these fallen angels are waging a war against God and all of His angels. The prize they seek in the battle? You. And me.

>What are we to do? If this is true, how can we withstand the onslaught of these powerful forces? Those are questions I will address in the future articles. For now, it is enough to realize that a conflict exists and that we are caught in the middle of it.

If you can come to terms with this, you will be farther along than most. After all, your heart and soul have sensed this, long before the truth of it crept its way into the conscious thoughts of your mind, right?

Should we use this reality to scare our kids or have them feel threatened? No—hardly. There are many excellent weapons we’ve been given to combat these feelings; however, we do our children a lifelong disservice if we neglect to let them know that they are wanted.

Wanted by the Evil One.

But wanted even more so, by the all-powerful, loving, and gracious Elohim Himself.

A battle is raging. You and I would do well to take a few minutes and consider whether we live in light of this truth.


Spirit Fighter