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Craig Froman

Craig Froman is currently assistant editor of New Leaf Publishing Group in Green Forest, Arkansas, working directly with new acquisitions of Master Books submissions. Craig has been writing adult Sunday school curriculum since 1995 and has worked as an editor with several educational institutions. He holds a Master of Arts in Christian Education from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.

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The Future Role of Fiction at Master Books

Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe was first published in 1719, some referring to DeFoe as the father of the modern English novel. Since that time, fiction writing has come to be considered escapist entertainment, something that translates well into an intense movie experience. Readers frequently look for just that in speculative fiction, the legal thriller, and the romance novel. And though this role is partly what keeps fiction on the top-sellers lists, even through a recession, it can be so much more than mere escapism; it is able to powerfully communicate truth in exciting, realistic formats.

Master Books has been a publishing house for thirty-five years, presenting the inerrant Word and authority of God in books for all ages on apologetics, creation science, and Christian education. Deadly DisclosureDuring the last few years, we have discussed in detail the possibility of opening a line of compelling new fiction books that would have intriguing storylines, yet still proclaim the vital and undeniable truth of our Creator. It was through this search that we came across Deadly Disclosures by Julie Cave.

When this manuscript was presented to us, we realized immediately that it had the potential to reach a broader audience with a message of God’s grace, which would easily translate the mission of Master Books into the fiction market. The reader would encounter FBI investigator Dinah Harris, who is involved in a murder case, as well as dealing with her own brokenness, all within the academic setting of The Smithsonian in Washington, DC. The reader finds a strong female character facing addictions that are beginning to unravel her life─a life in which God has been painfully absent.

We are currently working with Julie Cave to bring the Dinah Harris Trilogy to our readers, letting them see what happens when Christian and secular worldviews collide. These intriguing themes draw people into a fictional place that reflects the reality of our changing world, and it compliments our current line of nonfiction works as well. It is with this goal that we will continue to pursue these niche novels that carry a message of God’s authority in the world that is embracing evolution and self-destruction at an alarming rate.

In our enthusiasm for pursuing fiction, we have been eager to connect to our audience in diverse ways. Fiction can reach people with a message of grace, as well as educate, entertain, and edify in ways that nonfiction simply cannot. Through captivating characters, realistic settings, and situations that strongly resonate with readers, one is able to delve into issues of truth through imaginary and creative means that make a strong emotional impact.

There is much compelling fiction out in the market today. Our specific mission drives the fiction choices we seek from outside authors, and we are open to submissions from seasoned professionals as well as first-time authors. It’s always best when a writer is familiar with our mission, having developed a relationship with us through our books and current authors. It is the best way for prospective authors to make sure their manuscript submissions are considered.

As a publishing house, we seek authors who share our core values, the truth of which we want to communicate through everything we produce, fiction or nonfiction. We want our fiction category to embrace issues that uphold our views on God’s love and grace, our literal interpretation of Genesis, the wonders of God’s creation, and a dynamic story. Simply put, a good story is a good story.