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Entertaining Angels

“Mary, can I get another piece of pie?”

Mary spun around, coffeepot in one hand and an order pad in the other. Joe always brought a smile to her day. “Sure. One slice of coconut cream coming up.”

“Hey, I heard the teen girls Bible class was a huge hit.” “God blessed me with that.” She smiled as she served the pie and refreshed his cup of coffee. A little after 11 a.m. the door chimed.

“It’s George,” Martha said dryly from her perch on the right-hand side of the register. She pushed aside the calculator and stack of bills that never seemed to balance. “I swear he brought bad luck with him when he walked through that door a year ago. I’ve got him.”

“No, I’ll go.” Mary fixed a smile on her face and went to his table, determined to win him with kindness. Lord help me.

“Hey, George,” she said brightly. “What can I get for you?” George narrowed his eyes. “A little perky this morning, aren’t you?”

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Proverbial Intake

“James, call me,” his voice blasted through the intercom.

“Doesn’t he know how busy I am!” I wanted others to hear my dissatisfaction with our leader.

“Luke, this is James, what’s up?”

“Come to my office.”

“I’m in the middle of something. Can it wait?”

“No, we need you here now.”

This doesn’t sound good. “I’ll be right up.” He’d already hung up.

On the way upstairs I stopped in my office. Most people would kill for an office like mine. It’s bigger than most apartments. The best features, though, were the pictures of my family. I grabbed my planner and headed upstairs.

For six years I’ve walked from my office, through the huge lobby, and up the stairs to the executive offices. At times the stress was unbearable, but never did I experience the uneasiness I carried now.

“Sit down.” Luke pointed to the chair next to Forrest Cheetham, CFO.

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