Michelle Sutton 

Michelle Sutton is Editor in Chief of Christian Fiction Online magazine, Volunteer Officer on the ACFW board, an edgy fiction writer, book reviewer, avid blogger/alliance member, web designer, wife, marketing director, mother of two teens, social worker by trade, and follower of Jesus Christ. Best known for her numerous Edgy Author review sites and her Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers groups, she also gives away two books per week on her blog and posts numerous reviews on

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Coming up next month Christian Fiction Online Magazine offers more talented columnists and interesting topics. I’ll discuss the latest developments to CFOM.

Introducing October’s issue:

The “Editor’s Spotlight” is on David Brollier, novelist and Christian Fiction Review Blog founder. He talks about his vision for Christian fiction and why he and a team of other novelists created the CFRB blog.

Our cover author/model for the October issue is the amazing Athol Dickson. He’s got a remarkable background and is exceptionally talented. You won’t want to miss this interview!

The zany “Flip Side” column of what not to do, written by Thomas Smith, tickles your funny bone with a satirical article called, “The Buckshot Method: Ready, Fire, Aim!”

Sara Mills offers another tremendously amusing rant in “Fiction Ramblings” called, “The Shelf in My Head.”

Randy Ingermanson aka “Randy Rooney” presents another snarky perspective in a column entitled "The Lean, Mean Jesus Machine". What exactly is he talking about, and does it apply to you?

Our not-so-humble fiction etiquette specialist, Jan Flanders, answers a troubled author who asks, “If your publisher insists on putting the purple monstrosity cover on your book, what should you do?”

In “Making a Scene,” Brandilyn Collins, our expert suspense writer, presents part three of her story resolution series.

“Real Life Is Stranger” columnist, Trish Perry, has a zany tale called “A Most Unsavory Culinary Novel.” The title kinda makes you curious, doesn’t it?

Nora St. Laurent, our new columnist for “Book Clubs”, talks about mother/daughter ideas for your book club.

Cara Putman, the ACFW Publicity Officer, announces in “ACFW Happenings” the winners for the Genesis and the BOTY contests. She also shares a bit about the next ACFW conference, which will be held in Colorado!

Kelly Mortimer gives her opinion on branding. Just because it sounds like something a writer needs, does that mean you “Gotta Get It???” Read her column, then you decide.

What’s going on in the fiction world? “Heard It Through Hartline” columnist, Diana Flegal, talks about the latest industry news from Hartline’s perspective. Check it out.

“Ask Ashley” columnist, Kristin Billerbeck, delves into yet another difficult question posed by an emotionally distraught young woman who asks, “How do I know if I’m living right? Should I buy that next handbag? Or give the money to the homeless?”

Meredith Efken discusses torturing your characters and giving them a dark moment that will have your reader hooked, and she addresses it from a “Fiction Fix-It” editor’s point of view.

David Meigs brings another true-to-life and heart-rending perspective on how fiction changes lives. You won’t want to miss this “Life Transforming Fiction” !

Mary DeMuth, Our “Write Real” columnist, shares about what her characters have taught her as a writer.

Nancy Moser provides spiritual encouragement in her “Devotion” column about collecting attributes.

The “Big Screen/Your Scene” column by Susan May Warren reviews the movie P. S. I Love You and talks about the importance of dealing appropriately with backstory.

DJ Mansker’s “Confession Corner” features more insane dialog between a booth and its confessor. Will the booth succeed in being like his visitors? Can he become alive?

Our illustrious “Dr. Jim” continues sharing his wisdom by introducing the “Six As of Addiction.” The third A stands for Artistic Grandiosity Disorder. It even sounds interesting, doesn't it? So make sure to read Dr. Jim's column to find out what it is.

We have an exciting column called “Rachel’s Rubies,” with columnist Rachel Hauck. She’ll share treasures she finds in fiction and help readers find those golden nuggets of truth in the stories they enjoy.

Our guest October columnists should delight you as well:

For “Multicultural Fiction” we have Claudia Mair Burney, author of numerous fiction titles, including the Amanda Bell Brown Mysteries. She’ll be talking about stories and authors who have inspired her.

Tosca Lee impresses us with her glamorous job as a Senior Consultant for the Gallup Organization. How does she do everything required of her and still maintain her sanity? Read about it in “Author by Night.”

Margaret Daley wows us with her nuggets of wisdom in “Genre Happenings” as she shares about category romance novels and how much she loves to write them.

In “For Writers Only,” Michelle Moran, author of Nefertiti, talks about the challenges of Christian authors writing for the ABA when your publisher wants you to write sex scenes. How should you handle this? Stop by this column and find out.

“Reviewer’s Corner” features top-notch book reviews in the YA and Children’s fiction category and spotlights reviewer Laura Hilton.

Sharlene MacLaren discusses how she made the leap from “POD/Self- Publishing” to an amazing career writing fiction for Whitaker House. With more than seven titles under her belt and several more sold, she’s here to tell you, “Yes, it can be done.”

Our “Teen Column” for October is written by Josiah Hutchinson. He interviews beloved fantasy author Donita K. Paul and shares his thoughts on why teens love fantasy fiction.

“Publisher’s Corner” features NavPress. Although this publisher has been around for years, Inspire launched in September 2006. It’s doing very well and making a mark in Christian fiction. Find out more about their publishing house here.

The “Agent Corner” continues part 2 from Chip MacGregor’s prior agent column.

“Publicity: Everyone Needs It” features the GlassRoad PR agency. Come listen to Rebeca Seitz’s take on publicity.

Grace Bridges, a world traveler, is our featured “Fiction International” columnist. Though a native of New Zealand, she’s been all over the globe, hence the title of her column, “Globetrotting for writers.” I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing her perspective on the international writer’s market.

Our “Mad Marketing Genius” expert for October is Camy Tang. Known for starting a serious blogging site, Camy’s Loft, she has learned a lot about using a blog for marketing. Come hear what she has to say about it.

Our CFBA Blog Tour blog winner for September is unveiled in October’s issue. Although there are many great reviews and blogs to choose from, each month the editor’s challenge is to find the best in the bunch.

Our “Spine Chiller Thriller” columnist for this month is Eric Wilson. He writes an insightful and thought-provoking column called, “Through the Eyes of Brad Pitt.” You’re scratching your head and wondering how these are connected to thrillers and suspense, yes? Then you’ll definitely want to read this one.

Last, our “Short Stories” column features two fabulous tales. Read a regency by Kathleen Fuller called, “The Trouble with True Love” and I guarantee you’ll like it. The other short this month is called “The Thrill of the Hunt” by Becky Melby. It’s her debut short, so make sure to tell her if you like it. We aim to please.

That’s it for October, but keep coming back. It’s a great experience, don’t you think? Thought so. Please tell your friends.