Love Finds You In Amana, Iowa

Lori Copeland

Author Interview

Lori Copeland

Lori Copland is a versatile and prolific writer who began her career in the secular writing market before making the switch to the CBA market in 1999. She is enthusiastic about her writing and passionate about her faith. I hope you will be blessed by spending time with her and sharing her journey.

You began your writing career in the secular market. Can you tell us what prompted you to switch to the CBA market?

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Kelly Klepfer

Novel Reviews

Three Great Reviews

Writing to a Post-Christian World by Ann Tatlock

Plot Versus Character by Jeff Gerke

Writing Fiction for All You're Worth by James Scott Bell

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Nora St. Laurent


The Southeast Book Club Interview

Several years ago our Women’s Ministry Team from Southeast Christian Church polled our current Bible study leaders and asked what else they thought we should offer. Across the board, they all suggested we start a book club. Our Women’s Ministry leader asked my cousin and mef if we’d be interested in leading this effort.

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Dee Stewart

Multicultural Fiction

Searching for Daylight: Part II

Sharon Ewell Foster is a critically acclaimed, award-winning author, speaker, and teacher. She is the author of Passing by Samaria, the first successful work of Christian fiction by an African American author, and six other works of fiction. Her works regularly receive starred book reviews—which is a rarity among writers—and has won a Christy Award, the Gold Pen Award, Best of Borders, and several reviewers’ choice awards.

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Nancy Moser


Cleansing the Mind

You know it’s hot outside when you hurry from your car to the house to avoid the summer heat. It’s reminiscent of winter, when howling winds and sub-zero temperatures make “outside” a place to traverse rather than linger. This has been one brutal summer. Weeks of 100-plus degree temps tested the mettle of humans and nature alike. Our maple trees decided they’d had enough and let their leaves change from green to red to dead in a matter of days. I don’t do summer, which should mean that I’d be smart enough to move to some state that will oblige my temperature...

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