Book of Days
Dave Meigs

Life-Transforming Fiction

Finding Your Niche

Within these few powerful sentences, Jesus charged His church with the Great Commission. Two thousand years later we find ourselves still working hard to carry out this enduring command. In this world of ever-changing technologies, we are seeing an acceleration of the Great Commission taking place across our planet. We live in exciting times.

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Deborah Anderson

Diary Of A Crazy Writer

Writer’s Block, Brain Freeze, and Fiji

I tapped my fingers on my laptop table, unable to think of a single word to write. I’ve never had trouble talking, so I couldn’t figure out why I would suffer from writer’s block, especially with a deadline looming six hours away. Shifting my attention, I eyed my husband’s empty office chair. Maybe he could help me. He always has something to say.

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jim Rubart

Quantum Marketing

Branding - Part Deux

Last month we yakked about that branding thing, but we didn’t get through all the info I wanted to before my editor said, “Enough words!” (She didn’t really say that, but it makes things more exciting, don’t you think?) Moving on... This month we’ll explain: • How your brand is a promise you’ve made to the public. • Tell why it’s critical you know your brand before you get published (and why some editors and agents disagree with this). • How to keep from violating your brand—and how it can kill your career if you do.

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Jeannie Campbell

Character Therapy

Red Herrings: Scapegoating Characters

Good mystery writers know all about red herrings, clues that are designed to mislead readers and make them suspect the wrong whodunit characters. Of course, the placement of red herrings is deliberate because you want to keep the reader surprised as to who the true culprit is as the story unfolds.

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Jeannie Campbell

She Reads

A Visit with Sarah Jio, author of The Violets of March

This month we are doing something a bit different. Our selection is not from one of the Christian publishers but was published in the general market and written by a Christian. To that end, we are going to spend the month of September talking to Sarah Jio, the author of The Violets of March, and other Christians who have elected to write for the general market. What does it look like to be in that world but not of it?

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