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Bonnie S. Calhoun is the Founder and Publisher of Christian Fiction Online Magazine . She is also the Owner and Director of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance which is the parent organization for the magazine.

In addition to her passion for spreading the word about Christian fiction, Bonnie is also an author of snarky suspense. Her first novel, Cooking The Books (A Sloane Templeton Novel) will release from Abingdon Press in April 2012. It is presently available for digital e-reader download if you are a book reviewer. Go to, Abingdon Press as the publisher.

Letter from the Publisher

September 1st, 2011

Dear Readers

Hello and welcome to a new month. Some of your children may have already returned to the classroom, while others will complete the transition after Labor Day.

I hear the collective sigh of relief from the motherhood of America! Now that you will have the free time to read…and write again, unfettered by the momentary demands of those sweet little cherubs that you so willingly brought into this world, I encourage you to peruse the new columns we’ve brought online, and the new organization of the pages on the tabs.

This month you will notice that Joyce Magnin of Real Life is Stranger than Fiction has moved over to the Middle Reader tab! She is writing for ZonderKids and I felt it was a great transition for her.

Check out the rest of the writers on the Middle Reader tab. They have awesome and wholesome works of fiction to delight and entertain your middle grade reader.

I send out continuing prayers for those devastated by the East Coast Hurricane. We were without power for 24 hours, but having a generator, did not subject me to some of the dire straits experienced by others. I continue to pray for peace through their adversity.

And I also wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day holiday…because alas…winter is knocking at the door!


Oh…PS…if you are a book reviewer and so inclined, my debut novel is up on, Abingdon Press as the Publisher, for e-reader download and review:


Bonnie S. Calhoun

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