Daisy Chain

Randy Rooney

An Agent of Change

I was talking on the phone with my literary agent when the line began humming in a funny way. In my busy household, this usually means that one of my family members has picked up the phone.

Randy Ingermanson

“Who’s on the line?” I asked.


“Something going on?” my agent said.

“I think someone else just picked up the phone. I think we’re about done, anyway, aren’t we?”

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Door Prizes

Nora St.Laurent

Moving to a new state can be fun and exciting. The kids and I have had a blast for nine months now. But I needed more; I was so desperate for adult conversation I was willing to give a book club a try. I wasn’t even a big reader. I couldn’t believe I was going to a place...

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ECPA Bestseller Lists

Notice it says plural lists! That's right...we have ALL of the ECPA lists now, including their Archives. Check out the latest in hot reading across all Christian spectrums.

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Agent Column

Landing the Right Perfect Agent

Wendy Lawton

Many writers believe that the way to find an agent is to shotgun queries to a whole list of agents and let the chips fall where they may. An agent is an integral part of the team you are assembling—you need to be more intentional about going after the perfect agent for you. It’s true that far more writers are seeking an agent than they have openings on their client lists, but even though it may seem that a writer has little clout early in his career, he can do things to land his dream agent.

Techniques that may tip the scales:

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Word For Words

A Cricket in Her Hair

Adele AnnesiIt’s tempting to cut the odd bits of a story that don’t fit—a character’s idiosyncrasy, an unusual setting detail, an unexpected plot twist. Although seemingly strange facets of a story can distract without adding redeeming value, when they’re valid and handled well, they can enhance or deepen the story by enhancing or deepening an element—plot, character, or theme.

A couple of great examples of not cutting these seemingly out of place details appear in My Ántonia, a memoir-style novel published 1918 and among the...

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Book Video.org

POD And Self-Publishing

Pamela S. Thibodeaux

Never Give Up a Sure Thing for a Maybe

After years of rejection, my book Tempered Hearts (Book 1 in a series) was accepted for publication with Writer’s Exchange Epublishing Co. I was thrilled! Though this was Sandy’s maiden effort in publishing books, she had a wonderful reputation...

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