Boneman's Daughters

Life-Transforming Fiction

Fiction That Impacts My World

Dave Meigs

Taglines are commonplace these days for authors. Many of us know Brandilyn Collin’s Seatbelt Suspense Angela Hunt’s Expect the Unexpected, Sharon Hinck’s Stories for the Hero in All of Us, and Julie Lessman’s Passion with a Purpose. These taglines remind us why we read books: to scare...

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Fiction Rants

No Fool Like an Old Fool

John Perrodin

If it wasn’t the subject matter of the play (murder, sibling rivalry, arranged marriages, patricide, revenge), it was the language (a pox upon yon scurvy whoreson). I had a little advantage—when I was in junior high, the only Bible was the King James Version. Still, some words were new to me. Old Willy used language I’m pretty...

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Rachel's Rubies

Rachel Hauck

April’s Amber Stone

Remember the book and, yes, the movie, Jurassic Park? And remember the amber-trapped mosquito that spawned a whole new generation of the T-Rex, brachiosaur, and velociraptor? A theme park based on the glorious dinosaur age.

Terror anyone?

Far-fetched or not, we bought the premise that life could be recreated from the DNA of an ancient insect. It was an incredible idea.

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All About YA

Quests, Spells, and Vampires

Jill Williamson

A few years back, my sister and her son were going to Barnes and Noble in the middle of the night. Turns out a book called Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban went on sale at midnight, and my nephew had to have a copy right then. I found this amusing, but being a book lover, I made a note to check out this Harry Potter series sometime.

We’ve all probably heard of Harry Potter by now. Maybe you’ve also heard of...

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Quantum Marketing

How to Market Yourself at Writers Conferences

jim Rubart

Ah, spring. Conference season is upon us. You want to stand out? Make a lasting impact on editors, agents, and other architects of fiction? Use these six techniques when you want to make an impression badly:

1. Make sure your one sheets say...

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Fiction International

In Pursuit of Publication

Eileen Astels Watson

I’m a Canadian, and a writer with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Some might consider my nationality and degree two strikes against me right off the bat in the writing world (not to mention that I occasionally use clichés). But I prefer to view them as just a couple of blips along the road to publication. Through persistent studying, I know I can train the right side of my brain to be a writer, so I don’t worry much about the mathie in me; but as for the Canadian blip, there are some industry challenges worth noting.

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