Tiffany Amber Miller Stockton
Jeff Gerke

Publisher's Corner

Marcher Lord Press

My name is Jeff Gerke, founder and publisher of Marcher Lord Press. I have been involved with the Christian publishing industry since 1994, when I received contracts to write my own first novels. Under the pen name Jefferson Scott, I wrote a trilogy of near-future technothrillers for Multnomah Publishers.

The books were well received by reviewers and readers, but not nearly enough readers found them. I thought at the time...

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Angela Breidenbach

ACFW Happenings

Depth Is a Verb

Kaleidoscope designs are vivid paintings in motion. Dynamic. Active. Alive. The designs would be pretty in one color, but add several more and the dimensionality becomes fascinating, artistic and gorgeous.

American Christian Fiction Writers of almost 2,000 connected people is a kaleidoscope. ACFW educates and enriches the lives of those who engage in the passionate pursuit of writing to share the specific soul-infused message God gave when He knit us together in our mothers’ wombs. It’s yours alone, that

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Heard It Through Hartline

Tamela Hancock Murray

Publishing and Recession

Not a day goes by that I don’t see a doom-and-gloom item in my e-mail box about the struggling publishing industry. However, despite the recession, I find that publishers are still buying books. News reports say that public libraries are seeing more patrons than ever. And why not? Books continue to be one of the best values in entertainment.

And speaking of editors buying books . . .

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Gotta Get It!?

Kelly Mortimer

Amish Ya!

Sorry, couldn’t help it. Seemed appropriate for the romance genre. . . .

The flavor of the month seems to be the Amish fiction. So, what exactly is an “Amish”? What every editor is madly trying to acquire. For now. (Did anyone read last month’s column on Chick Lit?)

Amish: of or pertaining to any of the strict Mennonite groups, chiefly in Pennsylvania...

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Book Video Trailers

Get Your Book Trailer Noticed—For Free!

Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Book Trailers are a hot craze in book promotion today. The idea is to create an audio/visual “teaser” to interest people into buying your book—the same concept that’s behind movie trailers. The good news for the low-budget or no-budget writer is that there are many avenues to post and promote your trailer at no cost.

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Publicity - Everyone Needs It

Kathy Carlton Willis

Publicity During a Tough Economy

I’ve had several authors contact me recently who said they were struggling with what to do to promote their upcoming releases. With this tough economy and smaller advances, it’s often confusing to know what to do to give your book the edge it needs to have a long sales life. Some consider tackling the publicity themselves to save what it costs to...

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