Dave Meigs 

David Meigs is a novelist with a background in youth outreach, specializing in ministry to at-risk youth and their families. Though his writing is enjoyed by all ages, his novels provide a unique, life-changing quality, critical for the youth of today. David and his family lives in Seabeck, Washington, where he serves his church as youth pastor.

Fiction That Impacts My World

By guest columnist Rel Mollet

Publisher's NOTE: On December 21st Dave Meigs home burned to the ground and he and his family lost everything they owned. The parent organization of this magazine, Christian Fiction Blog Alliance (CFBA) has joined with Anne McDonald, the Northwestern Zone Director of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), to gather funds for the family.

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You can read about the heart-rendering loss HERE and HERE

Rel Mollet

Taglines are commonplace these days for authors. Many of us know Brandilyn Collin’s Seatbelt Suspense Angela Hunt’s Expect the Unexpected, Sharon Hinck’s Stories for the Hero in All of Us, and Julie Lessman’s Passion with a Purpose. These taglines remind us why we read books: to scare ourselves silly, to delight in the surprise of being caught unawares by a plot point, to challenge and stimulate our courage, and to revel in love blessed by God. One author lays claim to a rather audacious tagline, Life-Changing Fiction.

Is it possible? To change a life through words? Absolutely. Now let’s get personal with a glimpse into novels that have changed the way I think!

Before her phenomenal success as the feted Queen of Christian Fiction and her Life-Changing Fiction tagline, Karen Kingsbury wrote a powerful story about a dying marriage in A Time to Dance. A couple is poised to tell their adult daughter they are filing for a divorce when she announces her engagement. Not wanting to shatter her joy, the couple keeps the news to themselves and the poignant story unfolds from there. My marriage did not mirror that of Karen’s characters, but I was challenged about keeping my commitment to my husband fresh and unwavering, taking care protect our marriage in the busyness of life.

Some twenty-odd years ago, Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness made me rethink my attitude toward prayer in a way I still ponder today. No, I didn’t begin to pray to the angels, but I was challenged to talk more to my Heavenly Father and acknowledge the powerful impact faithful prayer can have in my life and in those I pray for. More recently, John Aubrey Anderson’s Black and White Chronicles have had a similar influence, reminding me of the spiritual forces we all contend with and the need to follow God’s call on my life.

I recently experienced Tosca Lee’s amazing epic, Havah: The Story of Eve and I won’t read the start of Genesis with the same jaded eyes again. Refreshing, emotive, and heartbreaking, Tosca’s prose opened my eyes to the devastation of the fall and

the desperate need for Adam and Eve, and all of humanity, to reconnect with our Creator. I ended that book with a new perspective after knowing that story from my infancy.

Charles Martin’s When Crickets Cry tells a wonderful story of love and sacrifice, of a broken heart slowly being pieced together. It challenged me to love more sacrificially with friends and family and to look beyond the façade and into the heart and soul of the person.

The epic tale of the decaying Roman Empire, that in many ways mirrors our world today, and the eternal impact a young slave girl’s faith, love, and sacrifice is told by Francine Rivers in her Mark of the Lion series. Francine’s trilogy is a reminder that God has gifted each one of us, even me, to change lives for His kingdom, regardless of our status, personality, appearance, or abilities.

As for Brandilyn Collins? She has taught me to think twice about dipping my toe into a hot tub without ensuring there are no dead bodies floating around!

Countless other books have impacted me in small yet significant ways, yet it really should come as no surprise. Jesus himself used parables to influence, teach, challenge, and encourage those who walked beside him. Those same stories continue to have eternal influence today as we read them in the Gospels. As Christian writers are burdened to share the stories God has placed on their hearts, let’s be open to their words bringing about a new chapter in our own lives!

From the time she could read, Rel Mollet has immersed herself in books taking every opportunity to read, even perfecting the art of reading in the shower as a teen! With a very understanding husband and three young daughters, who are becoming avid readers, Rel also works part time as a lawyer. Being a book club coordinator and women's ministry leader, Rel takes every opportunity to share her love of fiction with anyone who will listen. When she is not reading you might find her watching DVDs of The West Wing, Bones and Seachange with her husband in their hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

You can visit her blog at Relz Reviewz