Angie Breidenbach

Angela Breidenbach is the American Christian Fiction Writer's new Publicity Officer and a multi-award winning inspirational author, speaker, and business owner. Angela is a Stephen Minister certified in mentor/peer counseling and Assisting Minister at her church. Angela is Mrs. Missoula America 2008 in support of her goal to promote the study of schizophrenia through awareness of brain donation. Not only did she walk the hard line of deciding to donate her mom's brain, but she is also on the brain donation list at the Brain Bank-Harvard McLean Hospital. She is married, has a combined family of six grown children, one grandson and lives in Montana.

Depth Is a Verb

Kaleidoscope designs are vivid paintings in motion. Dynamic. Active. Alive. The designs would be pretty in one color, but add several more and the dimensionality becomes fascinating, artistic and gorgeous.

American Christian Fiction Writers of almost 2,000 connected people is a kaleidoscope. ACFW educates and enriches the lives of those who engage in the passionate pursuit of writing to share the specific soul-infused message God gave when He knit us together in our mothers’ wombs. It’s yours alone, that message, but nearly 2,000 others “get it” and help draw out the vivid color that is uniquely yours. Deeper colors, more dimension and morphing designs make the kaleidoscope a feast for the eyes.

The startling wonder in “ah ha” moments feed the writer’s creative, curious soul. Like a child’s cardboard toy with a view hole, you can be the only one to look through and see the organic meshing of missions that tumble together in vivid hues or you can bring someone into ACFW with you. Who around you has never heard of this amazing group? Tell them.

ACFW is only an entity of like-minded individuals. It cannot feel, inspire or touch another human being. When you open up to share your meaningful experience with another, the kaleidoscope spins into a new design. An active, alive and fluid pattern with your essence—so much to see, so much to absorb, so much life.

ACFW is here to develop the skills, educate in the market and be a fellowship for writers of like interests. But any marketing we do will only reach so far. Our members have the ability to reach down deeper and share actively with those ACFW may never reach on its own. That active sharing is what makes depth a verb. Come and be. Go and share. Bring others to experience as you join the kaleidoscope of color that is American Christian Fiction Writers.

What’s Happening at ACFW?

Is September 17 ̶ 20 marked on your calendar? Is it scheduled into your cell phone? Soon the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference will be accepting registration. You will have the opportunity to zoom into spectacular personal and professional growth. Debbie Macomber is our esteemed keynote speaker, while Donald Maass will teach our Early Bird session.

Have you attended the ACFW conference or the Early Bird class that precedes it?

Here’s a taste of this year’s Early Bird plan with Donald Maass.

WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL is a rigorous writing workshop designed to teach working novelists new techniques to bring their fiction to the next level. Participants should bring the manuscript of a completed novel or work-in-progress. Familiarity with the basics of plot, character, dialogue, and scene construction are presumed.

Learn to:

Grab your reader from beginning to end

Create unforgettable characters

Choose timeless, universal themes

Create a potent sense of time and place

Develop a dramatic storyline that sets your work apart from the competition and much more!

Donald Maass, a top agent for fiction writers and author of Writing the Breakout Novel, leads participants through practical writing exercises that plumb depths of character, raise stakes both public and personal, add plot layers, heighten sense of time and place, strengthen point of view and voice, deepen themes, transform openings and develop the brainstorming skills that produce consistently original stories.

Donald Maass has helped many mid-list and genre authors transform their careers. His twenty-five years of experience can help you too.

Upcoming Online Classes Free to ACFW Members!

May Terry Burns Agent Too Shy to Pitch or Promote
June Jill Nelson GMCs and MRUs: The muscles and the molecules of storytelling
July Meet the ACFW Operating Board through one week mini-courses.

Week 1 Cheryl Wyatt Plotstorming: Character-driven brainstorming method.
Week 2 Pam Meyers Deep Point of View
Week 3 Angie Breidenbach Overcoming Your Pirates: Negatives that hold you back from your goals.
Week 4 Margaret Daley Using the Five Love Languages to Enrich Your Stories