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Randy Rooney

The Manly Guy And Christian Fiction

At some point in his career, every male Christian novelist has seriously considered changing his name to Helen.

Randy Ingermanson

Why? Because the Christian fiction industry is pink. Xtremely pink.

I did a quick bit of research just now and counted the winners of all Christy Awards to the present. Forty-three were women, twenty-nine were men. That’s a 20 percent gender gap, and it is (as the math geeks will tell you) statistically significant.

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Stacy Oliver


Who Me? A Bookclub Discussion Leader.

Once you get past the initial shock at hearing you’ll be leading the next book club, you may wonder where to start. With a little bit of planning, and some helpful strategies in place, you’ll be ready to take on the club!

Keep in mind that in facilitating a book club discussion, you don’t need to alter your personality to fit into some predefined leadership mold. Use your own gifts and abilities, stretching some and reining in others, and put your own stamp on the role.

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Rachelle Gardner

Agent Column

A Day In The Life

One of the questions I receive most often from writers is “What is a typical day in the life of an agent?” There’s no such thing as a typical day, but if you want the short answer, my job can be thought of in terms of these five areas:

Author advocate: Representing the author’s interest in business matters; being available for questions and concerns; mediating communications between author and publisher as needed.

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Fiction Fixit Shop

What Makes It Christian? Part II

Meredith Efken

Hey, thanks for coming back for a second helping of rant by Yours Truly! If you read last month’s column, you’ll remember that I gave my take on what Christian fiction does not mean. I dared to posit that it’s not about characters who pray, quote Bible verses, or do other typical “Christian stuff.”

“Christian” is what we are, and out of that may come what we do. But what we do isn’t going to be exactly the same for all Christians. Some Christians drink alcoholic beverages...

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Baby, Baby by Karen Wiesner

ECPA Bestseller Lists

Notice it says plural lists! That's right...we have ALL of the ECPA lists now, including their Archives. Check out the latest in hot reading across all Christian spectrums.

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POD And Self-Publishing

Carole Whang Schutter

Why Self Publish?

Although a stigma is still attached to self-publishing, there are times when self-publishing is not only the sole alternative, but also the best alternative.

September Dawn was a story I had to write. While driving in the Colorado countryside, I came across a meadow ringed by mountains and I heard...

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