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Life-Transforming Fiction

Real-Life Example of Life-Transforming Fiction at Work

In My Life Unscripted (Thomas Nelson), author Tricia Goyer courageously wrote fictional mini-scripts of some of her own most intimate struggles from her teenage years. Its powerful, life-changing message touched my heart.

Dave Meigs

I decided to test the material on a teenage girl from my youth group. I asked Anjulie to read the book and then write a short script of her own. She even agreed to a short interview!

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Teen Column

Christian Fiction on a Mission: How One Teen Found Dee Henderson...in Africa


Hi, my name is Hannah. I’ve pretty much always been an avid reader. I started reading adult fiction a while ago, but I really got into it the fall of sixth grade. My family moved to Africa, and I was allowed to bring only two footlockers on the plane. They couldn’t weigh more than seventy pounds each, which meant a definite limit on my supply of books.

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Sara Mills

Fiction Ramblings

The Book Matchmaker

I need to state clearly, right from the beginning, I don’t believe in astrology, numerology, anemology, or most of the other -ologies. But I do believe in something I like to call cartology.

Here’s how it works: I can walk through a store and by just viewing the contents of people’s carts, I can predict what books they need. I actually see myself as a Book Matchmaker.

Don’t believe me? Let me give an example or two.

I see a woman walking through Wal-Mart; her cart is over three-quarters full. She’s got two packages of diapers (different sizes), four types of macaroni and cheese, Puppy Chow, carpet spot remover, and a home perm kit. I can tell you exactly what kind of books this woman needs.

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Mad Marketing Genius

Writing Mysteries Can Be Murder - Mystery Dinner Theater

Christy Barritt

Why does someone want me, a simple mystery author, dead?

That’s the question I’m asking myself thanks to the release of my latest book. Let me explain.

I wanted to do something creative for the release of my mystery novel, Suspicious Minds. I’m an out-of-the-box thinker, so I sat down with pen, paper...

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Fiction International

Islands, Isolation, and other Idiosyncrasies

Catherine West

“Are you really from Bermuda?” That’s usually the first thing I’m asked when I meet someone. Well, no, I just thought it would look good on my résumé…

The other popular question is, “Bermuda, where is that again? Near Georgia?” (Alaska, New York, Buenos Aries…)

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