Bethan House

Publisher's Corner

Back To The Basics

Last year, our parent company, Baker Publishing Group, had its best year ever, and we at Bethany House were overjoyed to be part of that success. We are encouraged that Christian fiction, our specialty, is a growing division within our industry, and we continually strive to produce high-quality books for our devoted readership.

As excited as we are to be a growing business, we have recently stepped back to reevaluate our guiding strategies and practices.

Meet Charlene Patterson of Bethany House.

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Cara Putnam

ACFW Happenings

ACFW Genesis Finalists

The Genesis, formerly known as the Noble Theme, is the ACFW contest for unpublished Christian writers. The contest has a multitude of categories/genres to enter...

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Heard It Through Hartline

Tamela Hancock Murray

I’m thrilled to be part of this great online magazine! Fabulous CFOM editor, Michelle Sutton, has given me a warm welcome and free reign. What more could I want—well, except perhaps a day reading under a shade tree while drinking iced tea . . .

Meet Tamela Hancock Murray

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Gotta Get It??

Kelly Mortimer

Everyone's High On "High Concept"

Don’t the words high concept sound wacko? But what do they mean to you as a writer?

High Concept: a striking, easily reducible narrative which also offers a high degree of marketability

Translation, please? First, it should be “that,” not “which,” but I’ll save the grammar lesson for another column. High Concept is a simple concept, but different people describe it in different ways. Generally, take an idea, juice it up, and get the point across in a sentence or two, tops.

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Sword Of The Spirit Publishing

Insight Graphics

Publicity - Everyone Needs It

Mavis SandersVicky Lynch

The other day my friend and I were talking about book publicity through the years, and I believe it’s important to pause and think about how much the publishing world has changed. Mavis has been working in the industry with Christian authors for the past thirty years. I’ve been working with faith-focused authors for just over one year...

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