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Spine Chiller Thriller Column!!!

Our first columnist is Matt Bronleewe and his latest thriller -  
House Of Wolves

All ECPA Bestseller Lists!!!

And the Archives are now open!

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Dear Reader,

Our first month was a great success with more to come. I get weekly reports from Statcounter, which tells how many people visit, for how long, and what pages they are reading. The word is spreading and we need to keep the momentum. So far it appears that we have a steady flow of readers, so we'd like to inspire you to spread the word. We're striving to produce the greatest Christian reader and writer resource available today!

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CFBA Blog Tours For July

See the eight books on tour with the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance this month! Visit our CFBA Blog on a weekly basis to see the latest tours and the lists of participating blogs

Come and check out the monthly winner of the best CFBA Book Review on our tour circuit!

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Dark Horse

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The Flip Side

One Trick Pony

The Flip Side

"...before you give up that day job and order the fuzzy dice for your new Lexus rearview mirror, here’s a little statistic for you: More people make a living playing Major League Baseball than writing fiction . . . Christian, secular, or otherwise."

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Editor's Spotlight

Michelle Sutton

The Editor’s Spotlight this month features

Stephanie Grace Whitson.

As I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve become intrigued by her unique personality. But I think she’ll do a better job at describing herself than I would.

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Next Month's Issue

Coming up next month Christian Fiction Online Magazine offers another feast of talented columnists and interesting topics. I’ll discuss the latest developments in CFOM

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Box O' Books Contest

In honor of our new column, Spine Chiller Thrillers, this months contest will be a box of ten (10) suspense books! Enter your name in the drawing!

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