Tiffany Amber Miller Stockton

Book Video Trailers

Writing a Video Book Trailer Script

Joan Shoup

Video Book Trailers have become so popular that nowadays it seems as if just about every release comes equipped with one. I’ve noticed considerable variation in quality—some look pretty amateurish, while others could qualify as professional movie trailer productions. Being the highly competitive 

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Angela Breidenbach

ACFW Happenings

Founding A Future

Recently the American Christian Fiction Writer Operating and Advisory Boards announced the creation of the ACFW Foundation. This nonprofit foundation was established exclusively to collect funds to support the ACFW Scholarship Program. Each scholarship for the ACFW national conference provides registration, hotel stay (one half of a

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Heard It Through Hartline

Tamela Hancock Murray

Exciting Summer!

This summer started out on an exciting personal note as my husband and I celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Jill, our eldest daughter, graduated cum laude from my alma mater. Some of you might remember Jill, since she went to Montrose and ICRS with me a couple of years ago. As for upcoming events, this summer and fall I am excited and honored to 

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Gotta Get It!?

Kelly Mortimer

Gotta Get a Critique, Oui?

Hmm. Personally, I hate that word. (No, it has nothing to do with it being the French word for criticism. I’m not boycotting the French anymore. I even buy L’Oreal Lip Liner, although that’s made in Germany. Gettin’ off the subject. Sorry.)

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Sue BrowerSue Brower

Publisher's Corner

Sue Brower and Andy Meisenheimer

Some of my favorite people never left the pages of the books they inhabited: Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew...

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Publicity - Everyone Needs It

Pump Up Your Book Promotion’s Recipe for Success

Cheryl Malandrinos

Earlier this year, Angela Wilson from Market My Novel interviewed me about virtual book tours. In The Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Book Tours, we discussed...

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