Daisy Chain

POD And Self-Publishing

Naomi Musch

A Writer's Oz

For we who call ourselves writers, the dream of being published comes second only to the compelling drive of the writing itself. Our yearning to put words on paper, to fashion stories...

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To Saw Or Not To Saw

Nora St.Laurent

I read and loved Matt’s book House of Wolves, so I contacted him to speak to my group. His writes an amazing story which is a fast paced Indiana Jones/National Treasure type book, great for book club! 

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ECPA Bestseller Lists

Notice it says plural lists! That's right...we have ALL of the ECPA lists now, including their Archives. Check out the latest!

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Natasha Kern

Agent Column

Joys of Being a Literary Agent

I must say that writing about the joys of being a literary agent is easy to do because I can’t actually imagine doing anything else. This is my true vocation. I enjoy the give-and-take process of teaching and learning from my clients and building a team to help them succeed. Being a midwife to the book babies writers create and finding a good home for them in the world is a gratifying experience.

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Adele Annesi

Word For Words

A Guild Art: Editing as Craft

We’re used to thinking of the writing process as “craft,” but editing is craft, too—a continual apprenticeship of a process that can be honed and perfected.

My family lives by the concept of craft. My cousins in Italy were tailors; so were my parents. One grandfather was a cobbler, another a stone mason who built the finest cobblestone driveway in my town—at least I think so. If you know anything about masonry, it’s brick by brick and stone by...

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Randy Rooney

Randy Ingermanson

Preaching To The Choir

I was reading Amazon reviews for my friend’s latest novel when a loud thumping on my back door broke my concentration. I went out to see what the fuss was about.

My plumber, Sam, was pacing up and down on the deck, holding a length of broken pipe in his hand. When he spotted me, he stopped. “Well, the...

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Screenwriting 101

C.J. Powers

Heady Characters Die on Screen but Not Sherlock Holmes

Growing up, I was fascinated by my sister’s love for Sherlock Holmes. He was a heady character who never played well on the screen because of his cerebral methods of deduction. His greatest presentation of character was in The Hound of the Baskervilles, written by...

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