The Sacred Cipher
Karen Kingsbury

Author Interview

Meet Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson was born in California in 1966, raised in Oregon, and has traveled in over thirty-five countries. He brings to his writing an international perspective and historical intrigue, as well as struggles of faith.

While earning a BA with high honors from Life Pacific College, he published nonfiction articles and served on the editorial staff for his campus newspaper. He married his wife, Carolyn Rose, after his junior year, in 1990, and they went on to
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Wanda Dyson

Spine Chiller Thrillers

Blurring the Lines...

I can remember walking the four-plus miles to my local library when I was young, selecting a book, and curling up for hours in a corner, devouring every page and every scene. If I was in the mood for a mystery, I chose a Nancy Drew novel, and if I wanted...

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Virginia Smith

Genre Happenings

Contemporary Novels: Timing Is Everything

As a reader, I spent a good number of years avoiding contemporary literature. Speculative fiction grabbed my attention at a young age, and I devoted myself to reading everything I could get my hands on that featured an elf, dragon, or spaceship. Naturally, my first attempts at writing reflected my reading tastes, and I...

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Terri J. Haynes

Multicultural Fiction

The Israel Houghton Effect

When Israel Houghton released his first album in 2001, the Christian world didn’t know what to do with him. His unique sound hit a huge roadblock, labeled too white for gospel and too black for contemporary Christian music. Born to a white mother and a black father, Houghton’s music reflected his multicultural background with a huge dose of Latin

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Carla Stewart

Reviewers Corner

This month's featured reviewer:

One of Carla’s greatest delights is finding a new book or an author with a stellar voice that transports her into the fictive dream. She especially like it when those characters become so real to her that she thinks of them as her friends. She began her blog, Carla’s Writing Café, as a gathering place...

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Nancy Moser


Vacations Make Me Tired

We just got back from vacation. My mind is mellow; my muscles rested.

I wish.

I think a moment during the fourth day I attained the illusion of relaxation: 2:53 PM if I’m not mistaken. It was right before we got a flat tire on a mountain road where the oxygen was a tad thin for our Kansas City lungs and right after we cleaned up our daughter’s ice cream cone that landed on the floor of the car (“But I didn’t mean to!”).

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