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Aaron Patterson is the author of the WJA series. He lives in Boise Idaho with his beautiful wife Karissa and their three children. Soleil, Kale, and Klayton. He was home schooled and worked in the construction field as a fire sprinkler fitter. He has always loved to read and now as an author, he finds that it is even better then reading! Patterson's first novel "SWEET DREAMS" was published in 2008 and the next year in 2009 he came out with the next book in the exciting series called "DREAM ON." In the coming years, he has a teen thriller planned for 2010 as well as the third in the WJA series called, "IN YOUR DREAMS." Look for it in bookstores in 2011. Aaron’s book Sweet Dreams is ranked #1 in 3 categories on Amazon. His WJA series is a bestseller online and has taken E-book technology and embraced it wholeheartedly.

Stonehouse Ink Light


StoneHouse Ink is an imprint of Ampelon Publishing and will be publishing Christian/clean fiction. StoneHouse Ink also works with Sweet Dreamsestablished authors on Out of Print books. This allows authors to keep their work in print and keep control of their titles. We believe that the author has the right to keep his or her books in print as long as they like.

StoneHouse Ink is a Partner Publishing company that offers first time authors the chance to be published and gives a well-known author somewhere to go with their Out of Print, and new titles. StoneHouse Ink is always looking to work with new and old authors alike.


StoneHouse Ink is excited to be on the cutting edge of E-books. We have a direct account with Apple, and were one of the first publishers on the new ipad. All StoneHouse titles are uploaded as E-books and are available on every known E-book device. We also are working with authors to find more ways to sell their content. E-books are just one way and enhanced E-books are in the works. We are even trying out a new idea and releasing titles in an E form before the print release in order to test the market and build excitement. Unlike most publishers, we look forward to the new way of publishing, and are finding ways to build and grow in this change instead of fearing the future.

In this ever-changing world of publishing StoneHouse understands that in order to thrive, they must change as well. This is not the end of publishing but this is the re-making of publishing. The future is E and soon our children will hold a Kindle or a ipad in school, and our bags will be packed with one device as we go on vacation, instead of five books. This is not bad it is just different. As the future expands, StoneHouse will be there to help authors rise to the challenge.

Death Before Breakfast


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As a writer interested in seeing your book “in print”, you are knocking on the door of one of the most glamorous yet mysterious institutions in this country: the Publishing Industry. We know (all too well, unfortunately) that most publishers ignore potential authors, but we are different.

We embrace you. Rest assured there will be no mystery to whether or not we received your proposal.

Our commitment to you is to actually review your information and consider it for publication with StoneHouse.

The venture of publishing is not without risk – But the rewards can be substantial.

Dream OnYour manuscript has an excellent chance of success in one of our publishing channels if we accept it, but we do need to face facts. Both you and we will have to contribute an enormous amount of time to secure that success.

We are excited to hear about your book and are honored that you would like us to consider publishing it.

StoneHouse is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in all areas in which we publish, so we have just a few questions for you that will help us in evaluating your proposal.

• Why do you feel compelled to write this book?

• Why will someone want to read it?

• Is there a particularly timely nature of the subject area?

• What are the specific benefits of your book?

• How do you plan to market the book?

These will be key selling points, so be precise.

Now describe the contents of your book in plain English. Be as precise as possible, providing both a general overview and a The Remainsrundown of subjects treated in detail. Indicate how in-depth your coverage will be.

• Who will be the audience for this title?

Try to avoid falling into the “all things for all people” trap. Specify who will need to read this book, identify industries. Also include information on professional associations, and any other items that may help us reach your audience.

If you really want to speed up our process, list other books on the same or related subjects that have been written for the same market. Include all pertinent information (author, title, publisher, date published, price, and number of pages). Then provide a sentence or two to explain how your book is different from (and of course, better than) each.

Describe your ideas about the physical book:

• How many pages do you estimate it being?

• How long will it take you to complete the entire manuscript?

• And are there any potential up sells or complimenting products yet?

Ideally, we’d love to see a finished manuscript. So, please include as much material as you have already prepared, including Table of Contents and any Chapters you may have. If pertinent, it is also a good idea to enclose some illustrations if you can.

Thank you for your time and effort in compiling this information. We hope that the preparation of this proposal has helped you think about your book, and increased your awareness of publishing requirements. We appreciate the opportThe Face Of Godunity to partner in your success.

Very important: Be sure to include your full contact information, including mailing address or your submission may not be accepted.

Thanks again for your interest in StoneHouse Ink.



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