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Last First One

“Sorry, I’m late. Jasper wouldn’t stop fetching the snake.”

I’d been sitting with my cousin and her friends for ten boring minutes. The stunning brunette with the snake problem snapped me out of my stupor.

She cocked her head and stared at me. “Do I know you?”

Jane elbowed me. “Travis, meet my best friend, Stacy Turner.”

Stacy extended her hand across the table. “Glad to meet you.” While I enjoyed the warmth of her touch, her eyes widened. “Travis. I’ve heard about you. The BB gun in the shower?”

I pulled my hand away and glared at my cousin. “Jane . . . ?”

“I didn’t tell it all.”

Stacy laughed. The mischief in her eyes both annoyed and mesmerized me. “Nice to meet you, Travis.”

Jane had shared my most embarrassing moment, but the story made this gorgeous woman look at me with interest. Lose-win?

Stacy brushed her hair out of her face and winked at me. “Want to tell them about the BB gun?”

Jane shook her head. “Oh, let’s save that for another time. I want to hear about the snake fetching.”

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Looking For A Rosetta Stone

Winston Duggan drummed his fingers on the arms of his chair in the lawyer’s waiting room. I wonder what my brother left me? It probably won’t be much. He was a music teacher who married into money, but his wife didn’t like me. He lived for his music, and she lived for her cats.

His brother’s attorney ushered a woman from his office, said good-bye to her, and then invited him in. Am I the only one inheriting anything? he wondered.

“Mr. Duggan, may I summarize rather than read verbatim?”


“Thanks. Your brother’s wife wanted to leave everything they owned to the Carsonville Feline Rescue Mission, but their assets were jointly held, so everything became Harold’s when she predeceased him. To honor her wishes and also give you a sporting chance, he changed his will so that the cat mission gets twenty-five percent and you get seventy-five percent . . .”

Hot dog! I’m a multi-millionaire!

“. . . but there’s a catch.”

Oh, no! “What is it?”

“He left a coded message for you to decipher. As you know, he was a music teacher, so the code is musical. Do you read music?”

“A little. I took a couple of years of piano when I was a kid.”

“Good. There’s one other thing. On his deathbed, he said I should tell you to ‘look for a Rosetta Stone.’”

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