Book of Days


Dave Meigs

Life-Transforming Fiction

New Beginnings

Recently I had the privilege of performing the marriage ceremony of a lovely young couple in our community. It was a blessing to watch them grow in response to the premarital counseling in the weeks that preceded the wedding. We covered all the mechanics of the marital basics...

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Deborah Anderson

Diary Of A Crazy Writer

Words in Blue

Whoever said novels don’t affect readers lied. Whoever thinks God won’t use fiction to speak to us is wrong. Four years ago I pored over every Amish book I could get my hands on. The stories reminded me of simpler times, good people, and, especially, wholesome food.

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jim Rubart

Quantum Marketing

Branding … Again?

We’re talking about branding again because it’s an area most writers struggle with. Last month an e-mail loop I’m part of talked about branding, and it reminded me how confusing the issue is for many of us. Frequency—hearing a message again and again till it’s burned into your brain—turns thoughts into action. (See my column from last month on Dr. Seuss’s brilliant treatise on selling.)

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Jeannie Campbell

Character Therapy

Hierarchy of Needs: Part Two

This month we tackle the upper two levels of esteem needs and self-actualization. Maslow’s fourth level in the pyramid is all about respect. (Yes, Aretha had it down pat.) People want to be respected and esteemed by others. There are two types of respect...

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Jeannie Campbell

She Reads

A Visit with Mary DeMuth, author of The Muir House

Tell us a little bit about your writing journey. I wrote during the ’90s while my kids were little. Quite by accident, I proved Malcolm Gladwell right in his theory about 10,000 hours of practice equaling mastery. When my youngest went to preschool and I had a little more time to...

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