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Jill Nutter/Jillian Kent

The Well Writer

Are You A Healthy Writer?

When I read the June issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine, I noticed the little star that read: “Do you have any ideas for a column? Or is there something you’d like to see in the magazine?” Silly me. I told Bonnie, “I think we should start a column called the ‘Well Writer.’” 

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Gayle Roper

For Writers

Can You Say Change?

I have seen the world of Christian fiction change over the forty-one years I’ve been involved in CBA publishing. The copyright date on my first novel, Fear Haunts the Summer, is 1970, and the date on my latest, Shadows on the Sand, is 2011. 

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DiAnn Mills

DiAnn Direct

Plots That Dance

We all desire our novels to dance before an editor’s expert eye. Our characters may be colorful, compelling, and credible. Our setting may be so thoroughly researched that we know the area inch by inch. But if our novels lack a substantial plot, the story will never step in time with the publisher’s list of new releases. This month we’ll explore Part I of a two-part series about plotting.

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Scott T. Brown

Author By Night

Modern Youth Ministry Is Contrary to the Bible

With lightning speed, we have seen the disappearance of intact families: fathers who lead their homes; mothers who appreciate their biblical role. We have also seen the almost universal disappearance of children who live their entire lives honoring their parents. Not only this, but the church has followed the patterns of the world, participating in the very breakdown that is causing her demise.

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Tom Sullivan

Genre Happenings

What Creates a Genre?

I’ve heard it said that writing is 90 percent perspiration and 10 percent inspiration. That really is the truth. At some point a writer has to sit before his computer, his pad and pencil, or, in my case, my tape recorder and just start to write—to communicate, to share ideas, to entertain, to motivate. Ah, yes, and maybe to sell the work.

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