Judgment Day
Wanda Dyson

Author Interview

Wanda Dyson

Have you ever met someone who couldn’t afford to buy the books she loves so she wrote her own? Well, you have now! Wanda Dyson has always loved the written word, and she writes stories that are filled with suspense, faith, family, and friendship. Wanda writes the kind of stories that capture her own imagination, and much of her idea gathering takes place within the beauty of her family’s working horse ranch. Whether seated atop her favorite horse, Nanza, or frolicking with her German shepherd, Maya, Wanda’s imagination is continuously mulling over story ideas and plot lines. 

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Nancy Moser


The Gift

Six six-year-old children. Boys. At a birthday party. Excedrin headache #85. But I was smart. I’d moved the festivities from home sweet home to the local Mexican restaurant that specialized in such things. Why any business would willingly invite gaggles of birthday-crazed children into their establishment to spill drinks, topple chairs, and cover the floor with crumbs was beyond me. But if they were willing, I’d comply—whatever the price. Better their floor than mine.

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Dee Stewart

Multicultural Fiction

A Smile for Christmas

Merry Christmas! This year a group of writers formed *The Facebook Group Writing Project to create a Christmas story just for you. Enjoy.

Last year the Boone docs had given Old Man Daniels a week to live. Two days ago as they stood over him studying his hospital chart, they gave him less than that. Yet, he believed he wouldn’t see Glory until he was good and ready. “Can’t be leaving here just yet.” He patted his daughter, Ivy’s, hand.

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Kelly Klepfer

Reviewers Corner

Three Reviews

Kelly Klepfer brings you the latest reviews on the hottest books!

The Last Operative by Jerry B. Jenkins

The Golden Spiral by Lisa Mangum

The God Hater, A Novel by Bill Myers

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Spine Chiller Thrillers

A Christmas Spine Chiller Thriller

And a Christmas video that you won't want to miss.

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