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We have a new column called Resources that will list company names and their services. I hope it can grow to several sections as we add editors, graphics, ghostwriters, webdesigners and the like. The basic listing is FREE! Contact us to include yours.

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Conference Corner

Short Story -
An Email For Christmas by Terry Burns

An Email For Christmas

Corporal Mike Cotton sat on his cot, holding the combat boot he had just removed, seeming to lack the will to drop it. His shoulders slumped and he stared at the floor, anguish on his face.

“This is the worst day since we’ve been over here.”

Sergeant Steve Smith, the squad leader, nodded. He knew the look. “It doesn’t seem much like Christmas when we look out and see sand and Humvees instead of snow and sleighs.”

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There are no Christian Fiction Blog Alliance book tours for the month of December! We gave our wonderful reviewer crew the month off for a well deserved vacation. Visit our CFBA Blog on a weekly basis to see the latest tours and the lists of participating blogs. The winning blog, for the CFBA Blog Tour Spotlight last month, featuring a review of A Season of Miracles:

Letter From the Publisher

World Vision

December 1st 2010

Dear Readers,

As we move swiftly into the holiday season and the Christmas celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I ask that you take this time to continue our season of thanks. Thanks to God for sending His Son to redeem us. Thanks that we live in one of the greatest countries in the world. And thanks to God for all we have.

I would like to ask you to take this time to prayerfully consider a donation to World Vision this Christmas season. A small gift to this fabulous organization could forever change the circumstances of a single family or a whole village.

Bonnie S Calhoun

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Publisher's Choice

Bonnie Calhounby Bonnie S Calhoun

Dineen Miller is one of the very cool people I have met as a member of ACFW. She has a fabulous eye for design and a great talent for matching words and graphics and I just have to introduce her to you all! We're doing this interview as a question and answer, so come...join us!           Meet Dineen Miller

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We're offering 10 books that will keep you busy.

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