Kiss Me If You Dare
Against All Odds
Trish Perry

Real Life Is Stranger


You might not think there’s much call for sports-related novels out there, besides Dick Francis’ best-selling horse-racing murder mysteries. Not so! There are quite a few other successful authors of horse-racing murder mysteries. And most of the remaining sports are covered in fiction, as well: Mickey Rawlings’s baseball murder mysteries; Eddie Muller’s boxing murder mysteries; Charlotte Elkins’s golfing murder mysteries; Dave Klein’s football murder mysteries . . . are we seeing a pattern here? As a mother, I always accepted that sports could be rather dangerous, but how come everyone keeps killing all the fictional athletes, for goodness’ sake?

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Jan Flanders (Etiquette)

Fiction Etiquette with a Southern Twist Twisted Southern

Jan Flanders

Good mornin’ once again, class. Ah see by your upturned, shiny little faces that you are gratifyingly eager for your next dose of admonishment in the Sacred Laws of Fiction Etiquette, which Ah am, of course, supremely qualified to deliver. Without further ado, let us—

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Special Giveaway

The Perfect 10

Harvest House

Happy February! Here are several books from Harvest House Publishers that just might make your “love” month, from classic romance to suspense thriller, just a bit more interesting…

And… you’re not going to believe this! A February feature that has something for singles? (it’s about time!)

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Dr. Jim

Dr. Jim

Dear Dr. Jim,

I hope you can help. All my life I’ve been an avid reader; I began reading early (around eighteen months, according to my mother, who claims I would “goo-goo” some semblance of the words on the back of my baby formula cans) and soon realized that books would be my vice. During elementary school my grades suffered (all but English class) because I had my nose stuck in various...

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D J Mansker

Confession Corner

The Overburdened Book Reviewer

Wait! Miss, uh ma’am. Wait! Don’t . . . step out there! Watch out for that bus! Will you puh-lease close that book and watch where you’re going? I guess I don’t need to ask how you broke your arm. And the bandages on your nose and forehead and...

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