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Life-Transforming Fiction

It is my privilege to interview the award-winning author Jewel Sample. Her groundbreaking children’s book, Flying Hugs and Kisses is a valuable asset for parents to help their children work

Dave Meigs

through the process of losing a baby brother or sister. In addition, the author has created the Flying Hugs and Kisses Activity Book to be used in tandem with the book, and a Spanish version is available, Besos y Abrazos Al Aire

David: What inspired you to write Flying Hugs and Kisses?

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Teen Column

Christian Fiction And Teens

Brian Zick

What do teens want from Christian fiction? Or perhaps the better question is: Do teens read Christian fiction?

A friend and I asked twenty-five teens at the Catalyst, a skateboard ministry and youth group at New Hope Church in Sierra Vista, to answer my second question. We also asked “Why not?” to those who answered negatively.

Survey results from New Hope church (please note that many of the teens at...

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Sara Mills

Fiction Ramblings

Book Desegregation - Equal Rights for Awesome Books

It’s the smell that gets me first. Freshly printed pages and coffee. I walk into my local chain bookstore and am torn in two directions.

Should I line up for coffee first or should I go straight to the fiction section and simply luxuriate in the thousands and thousands of choices that surround me?

It’s not even a contest. I skip around the coffee bar and head straight for the oh-so familiar shelves. Running my fingers along the spines, I just enjoy this moment of anticipation.

And now the true fun begins.

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Mad Marketing Genius

Go For Broca!

Jim Rubart

In the early ’90s, when I sold radio for a Seattle station, I picked up the phone one morning and said, “Domino’s Pizza!” This was before caller ID, so I had no idea if this would be a friend or a client. It was the latter; one who seemed devoid of the humor gene. But my slightly insane greeting broke through and she didn’t miss a beat. “Large pepperoni pizza, please, extra cheese; we need it by twelve thirty p.m.”

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Fiction International

Writing As A Working Tourist

Gail Sattler

As unpolitically correct as it may sound, it is true that the writing industry is primarily an American market. Many publishers exist all over the world, but the primary marketplace for writers of fiction is in the United States.

But many writers who sell to the US market live outside the US borders. What does this mean for those living north or south or overseas from the US?

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