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Randy Rooney

Three Reasons to Ban All Non-Amish Novels

Not too long ago, one of my agent friends told me about an idea he’d seen for a science fiction novel with Amish characters.

Randy Ingermanson

The scary thing is he was serious.

The scarier thing is when he explained the idea, I thought it was brilliant.

We might as well admit it—the Amish have conquered Christian fiction. It’s not quite clear when this happened.

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Stacy Oliver


How to Supercharge Your Book Club with Technology

One of the appeals of any club is the ability to get together with friends and talk. In a book club, the added attraction is that you get to talk about books.

With other book lovers.

Who have read the same book.

If you’re a fellow book lover, that thought alone makes you sigh with delight. So what could possibly make it better?

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Agent Column

To Agent, or Not To Agent

Chip MacGregor

When you don't have either a full manuscript (if it’s fiction) or a dynamite proposal and sample chapters (if it’s nonfiction).

Without those, you’re simply not ready.

When you won't let others critique your work. Criticism is how we get better. Why is it that the worst writers seem the least ready to listen? (Maybe because in their hearts they know they aren’t that good, and admitting that would hurt their self-esteem . . . or maybe I’m guilty of psychoanalyzing.)

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Fiction Fixit Shop

What Makes It Christian?

Meredith Efken

I have the task of ranting about something fiction-writing related each month. Just because I run a fiction freelance editing service, people think I’m opinionated or something. That I must be overflowing with rants and pet peeves. Where do they come up with these things?

Just because I’m picky about scene structure. And point of view. Well, and I do hate clichéd plots, clichéd characters, and clichéd dialogue.

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Baby, Baby by Karen Wiesner

ECPA Bestseller List

July's List

Check out the latest in hot reading!

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POD And Self-Publishing

Never Say Never!

Kathi Macias

I’ve been working in the publishing industry for nearly three decades, and I’ve worn nearly every hat there is, including author, editor, ghostwriter, and all-around gofer. Throughout that time I’ve seen a lot of changes (some for the better, others not so much!), and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that flexibility is a must. The publishing world is no easy life, but if we’re sure God has called us to serve in that venue, then serve we must.

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