Allen Arnold

Publisher's Corner

The Future Of Fiction

Tough economic times. Discretionary spending down. Traditional publishing models turned inside out with new technology.

At a time when many in the publishing industry see their glasses as half empty, I lift mine in a toast—to a very bright future in fiction.

As Thomas Nelson’s fiction publisher, I’m invigorated by the growth we’ve seen since launching a 24/7 fiction division four year ago.

Meet Allen Arnold of Thomas Nelson.

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Cara Putnam

ACFW Happenings

The best way I know to meet editors and agents is to attend the ACFW National Conference. This year it will be held September 18–21 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the Sheraton Bloomington.

The agenda is jam-packed with an amazing lineup of speakers and presenters.

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Heard It Through Hartline

Joyce Hart

Our five agents serve over 150 clients. We represent many best-selling, award-winning CBA authors. This year, two of our authors are Christy Award finalists, and many of our authors have earned awards and recognition in other contests this year. Although we specialize in CBA, we sell select titles to ABA publishers.

This column will be spotlighing a different agent each month. They will share their valuable perspectives on what is going on in the world of fiction.

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Gotta Get It??

Kelly Mortimer

Emergent: Huh?

So, what’s “emergent,” also called “emerging”? Emergent has different meanings in different situations. In the publishing industry, emergent usually pertains to the inspirational market. Not new—the word’s been around for ages, but for the past few years it’s been emerging (pun intended) in the literary world as the church movement of the same name gains slight momentum.

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Sword Of The Spirit Publishing

Insight Graphics

Publicity - Everyone Needs ItJeane Hart

All books can benefit from a concentrated, strategic publicity plan. Works of fiction especially need one. With the huge number of fiction titles being published today, it takes skill to garner media attention for your book. Some publishers handle fiction promotion in-house with staff publicists; many others outsource projects to independent publicists like Wynn-Wynn Media. Either way, the diligent media efforts on your behalf will make your book more successful.

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