A Slow Burn
Colleen Coble

Author Interview

Meet Colleen Coble

Multi-award-winning author Colleen Coble was born and raised in the Midwest area of Indiana. Her upbringing, as well as her voracious reading appetite, gave her the tools to create some thirty-five-plus novels. In her own words she explained, “I remember the night I finished a book and told the Lord how tired I was of reading books that assumed He didn’t exist. I told God I’d do my best to write for Him, but He would have to open the doors.”

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Ariel Allison

Spine Chiller Thrillers

Exploiting the Familiar

All good suspense authors have one thing in common: They exploit the familiar. The best writers take things we’re sure about and alter our confidence in them: that the family dog is friendly, that all vampires are bad, that no one would dare pick a fight with Jesus. A number of best-selling writers are adept at this form of literary manipulation.

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DiAnn Mills

Genre Happenings

Historical Suspense

Annie get your gun
There’s a body at the door,
Grab your saddle and your horse
’Cause the reader’s craving more.

Annie get your gun
The killer’s after you...

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Bonnie Hopkins

Multicultural Fiction

Multicultural Christian Fiction

I’ve always loved reading Christian fiction. How well I remember the time when no multicultural category existed. But now! What a blessing it is to have choices from an abundance of Christian fiction authors. When I am reading for enjoyment and entertainment, it’s wonderful to experience the pleasure of reading Christian-based stories that deliver romance, mystery, drama, comedy, and suspense. They lift my spirit and

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Sharon Lavy

Reviewers Corner

This month's featured reviewer:
Sharon Lavy

Sharon A. Lavy inherited her love of books from her father. Her mother introduced her to the public library at a young age. She never lost her affection for reading—much to her husband's dismay. She has over 250 books on the writing craft alone.

Sharon has been sharing the romance by posting book reviews on her blog I Dream Of Writing For God...

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Nancy Moser


The Golden Silence

I understand children are a gift from God, but that doesn’t stop me from suffering moments when I’d like a refund. Or an exchange. Maybe one child for two cats and a gerbil. Or a rabbit. Rabbits would be good. They’re quiet. They don’t eat much, and they let you hold them on your lap without squirming away.

And they don’t walk like elephants. Only elephants—and my children—walk like elephants. 

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