Sara Salter

Box Office

Not Easily Broken

With the explosive success of Sherwood Pictures’s third release, Fireproof, it has become obvious that the world has recognized the epidemic of failed and broken relationships and decided to see what the church has to say about it. It is a blessing that comes with incredible responsibility, and it seems that Sherwood Pictures isn’t the only one willing to take on the responsibility. Screen Gems and TD Jakes
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Mary DeMuth

Write Real

Why Should Christ-Followers Read Fiction?
Part II

Last month we asked the question, Why should Christ followers read fiction? We looked at three ways: widening our worldview, teaching empathy, and experiencing healing. Here are the remaining seven ways:

1. Fiction unmasks us.
Similarly, fiction serves to probe beneath our masks, helping us perceive, reveal, and understand our secrets. Novelist Susan May Warren builds on this point. “Everyone has secrets. Fiction allows people to

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Brandilyn Collins

Making A Scene

Ten Things I’ve Learned As a Novelist

Ten years ago I sold my first novel. Now a decade and twenty-one books later, it’s a good time for some reflection on what I’ve learned.

1. I know much less about writing now than when I started. As an aspiring novelist, I thought I was downright good. At least I was certainly far more talented than other aspiring novelists. I thought when I sold my first book, my journey of learning the craft 

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Mary Connealy

Author By Night

Author by Night by Mary Connealy

I think of myself as a creature of the night. Not in the cool, sexy vampire sense. More like the mold that grows in the shower.

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Bonnie Leon

For Writers

Writing Fiction In International Settings

Writing fiction always means doing research, no matter what genre you work with. If you toss in that it’s historical and takes place in a...

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Short Stories

Bitter Chivalry

Fourteen years and more.

Daymonde gulped down another swallow of wine and stared at the folded missive on the table next to him, its seal broken.

F is for Fatal

“You’re going to get caught, you know. You’re going to get caught cheating, and then the dean will have no choice but to expel you.” Anger grew in David’s belly...

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