One Fine Season

Life-Transforming Fiction

Theology, Like a River

Dave Meigs

A couple of decades ago, I had the privilege of attending a county-wide prayer retreat for pastors and para-church organizations leaders. At the time, I had just accepted a position at the local Youth for Christ ministry (YFC) and wasn’t sure what to expect. Apart from my fellow YFC staffers, I can’t say that I knew more than a couple of the...

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Fiction Rants

The Magic Knot

John Perrodin

The title is appropriate: three interlinked stone rings that hold the key to the wearer’s life, death, and soul. In this paranormal romance, exchanging magic knots with someone binds the two hearts and souls permanently. Pretty convenient when you’re in a fight for your life and the rebirth and freedom...

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Rachel's Faces, Tweets and Spaces

Rachel Hauck

Having A Strategy For Social Media

First, before we delve into a social media discussion, I just have to know: when is it okay to drop the smiley faces from my emails?

I’m over doing it, smiling three and four times as if the reader might misread my “Hope you’re having a great day!” :-)

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Quantum Marketing

Want Your Book Trailer to Be Excellent?

jim Rubart

Same wisdom applies to Book Trailers. Books are judged by their covers, and now they’re judged by their trailers as well.

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All About YA

Frank Peretti: Teen Books That Last

Jill Williamson

Over twenty years ago, Crossway Books (and over a dozen other publishers) rejected Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness. Next, Peretti sent The Door in the Dragon’s Throat, the first book in The Cooper Kids Adventure Series...

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