Bethany House

Randy Rooney

The Lean, Mean Jesus Machine

A lot of novelists I know obsess about their sales numbers. When a book doesn’t sell well, the author wants to know why. Was it the title? The cover? The marketing campaign? The writing? (No, surely not!)

Randy Ingermanson

I decided to ask Sam the plumber. Sam is a deep thinker who knows everything there is to know about just about everything.

Sam was under the kitchen sink installing a new faucet when I consulted him. Sam pretty much fills up all the space under the sink, although it wasn’t clear whether his pants had traveled quite as far...

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Try A Mother-Daughter Bookclub

Nora St.LaurentRelationships of all kinds take time and work to achieve and maintain closeness in our fast-paced world. What better way to bond with our daughters than through a great book. It breaks all generational gaps and brings us together as humans.

If you and your daughter share the love of reading, being in a mother-daughter book club will keep the lines of communication open and give you both something to look forward to each month. In this setting, you can relate to each other in more than a mother-daughter role, and it can be a safe place to get to know each other better.

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Agent Column

To Agent or Not to Agent (Part II)

What should an agent do for me? Chip MacGregor
There’s no easy answer to that question, since every author is going to have unique of needs. But generally an agent will help you (1) evaluate ideas, (2) create great proposals, (3) introduce your work to key acquisition people, (4) sell your proposal, (5) negotiate a good deal for you, (6) ensure contract compliance, and (7) offer career guidance. He or she might also be there when you need someone to kick things into gear...

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Fiction Fixit Shop

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Meredith Efken

It’s no wonder most of us find the dark a bit frightening. In most cultures, including our own, the dark symbolizes everything that is dangerous and evil and terrifying. The dark is a powerful picture of our deepest fears and secrets—a place where evil can hide and rule. A place devoid of hope or triumph.

Dark is the absence of light. The absence of color. We humans have a psychological response to light. People who live in rainy, cloudy areas have a higher rate of depression because of the lack of sunlight. We get vitamin D from sunlight. Light is used to cure jaundice in newborns, improve our moods, and help our immune systems. It’s no wonder we love the light.

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Baby, Baby by Karen Wiesner

ECPA Bestseller Lists

Notice it says plural lists! That's right...we have ALL of the ECPA lists now, including their Archives. Check out the latest in hot reading across all Christian spectrums.

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POD And Self-Publishing

Sharlene MacLaren


I first got the “bug” to write at the ripe age of fifty-two, back in the summer of 2000. I was nearing retirement after nearly three decades of teaching elementary school, so I began to ask the Lord about next steps for my life. What could I do that would not only bring a sense of fulfillment, but also make a difference for eternity? I had just come through a year of emotional difficulties, mostly stemming from that age-old syndrome known as “Empty Nest,” and I felt at a loss for purpose.

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