Rebeka Guzman

Publisher's Corner

NavPress Publishers

While NavPress may be most well-known for publishing discipleship and spiritual growth materials, it also publishes resources aimed at specific audiences TH1NK, which publishes relevant, life-changing resources for sixteen- through twenty-three-year-olds, launched in 2003 and has been among the most successful in the young adult genre, including fiction.

NavPress recently surprised the publishing world when it swept the Young Adult Fiction category for the most coveted prize in Christian fiction—the Christy Awards.

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Cara Putnam

ACFW Happenings

2008 ACFW Book of the Year Contest

I’m delighted to announce the winner’s of the 2008 Book of the Year contest. The winners were announced September 20th at the Awards Banquet held during the 2008 conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Heard It Through Hartline

Diana Flegal

It’s not enough to write creative, entertaining, thought-provoking books. Knowing the business side of writing is equally important and time consuming: studying the market, understanding self-publishing, finding an agent or publisher, keeping up on trends, knowing when editors move from one publishing house to another, and being alert to new imprints. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening within the publishing world.

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Gotta Get It!?

Kelly Mortimer


Ouch! (I was gonna leave it at that, but my editor would tan my hide. Sorry, couldn't help it.)

Kelly Mortimer, the Extreme Agent, here. So, what exactly is author branding, and is it a good thing (ask Martha), or does it stick an author in a tiny box and seal the lid with several rolls of duck (pardon) duct tape? 

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Sword Of The Spirit Publishing

Insight Graphics

Publicity - Everyone Needs It

Literary Publicity—Getting The Word Out About Your Book

Rebeca Seitz

A Publicity Phenomenon
It’s a good time to be an optometrist. Sarah Palin’s appearance on the national political scene has sparked thousands of phone calls to optometrists by customers wanting to order Sarah’s glasses. As of this writing, they’re available only by back order.

We publicists sit back and smile at the phenomenon...

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