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Dear Reader,

I can't believe we are already in our fourth month, and CFOM has had over 15,400 visitors and 34,000 page loads. We continue to experiment with columns, and by observing readers' interests based on individual page views, we can continually improve the content in our magazine and offer readers what they want. If you read last month's issue then you saw that we've added new material again. Rachel's Rubies is a hit and as long as readers want it, we plan to keep it on the site. That is the same for every column. So if you have a column you really enjoy, make sure to read it every month.

We have more new columns coming up in the near future. One is for Book Videos.

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CFBA Blog Tours For October

See the nine books on tour with the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance this month! Visit our CFBA Blog on a weekly basis to see the latest tours and the lists of participating blogs

Come and check out the monthly winner of the best CFBA Book Review on our tour circuit!

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The Flip Side

Ready, Fire, Aim

The Flip Side

Once upon a time a man made a birthday cake for his fiancée. It was the first thing he had ever baked for her. In fact, it was the only time he had ever cooked in his life. He emptied the contents of the box into a bowl, tossed the box into the trash compactor, and started mixing. First the eggs, then the . . . uh-oh . . .

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Editor's Spotlight

Michelle Sutton

This month the editor’s spotlight is on David Brollier, a remarkable author and man who serves God with his whole heart. I had the privilege of reviewing David’s book, The 3rd Covenant, when it first came out, and I was very impressed with his storytelling ability. Here is a bit more about David I bet you don’t know.

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Next Month's Issue

Coming up next month Christian Fiction Online Magazine offers more talented columnists and interesting topics. I’ll discuss the latest developments to CFOM.

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Box O' Books Contest

Ahh...leaf blowers and rakes...'tis that time of the season. And in honor of Fall, we're offering 10 books that will 'leave' you wanting more! Come sign up for the contest!

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