Gone To Green

Life-Transforming Fiction

The Life-Transforming Message

Dave Meigs

A while back, a fellow minister gave me a short story she had written. My friend asked for an honest critique and was especially seeking input on the impact value of the message. I may have been smiling on the outside, but inwardly, I swallowed hard. I read it as agreed, made a few notes, but didn’t look forward to giving her my critique.

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Fiction Rants

Head Hopping Is No Thriller

John Perrodin

We’ve all had this dream in one form or another:

After something traumatic happens, you run away to either drown your sorrows in chocolate or take a long nap— or in the case of Cynthia Bigge, sleep off an underage drinking bout. When you wake up/come back, the witnesses to your trauma are...

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Rachel's Faces, Tweets and Spaces

Rachel Hauck

Facebook: Hottest Internet Commodity Since Google

What’s the big deal about Facebook? Didn’t our mamas tell us not to do something simply because everyone else was doing it?

“Would you jump off a cliff . . .”

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All About YA

Back 2 School Peer Pressure in Fiction

Jill Williamson

I always loved the first day of school. Seeing old friends. Meeting new friends. Deciding what to wear. Changing my mind and freaking out that I owned nothing cool . . .

Mostly, I wanted to make a great first impression. I was a follower. I cared...

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Quantum Marketing

Fascinating? Yes, You Are

jim Rubart

Did it help?

In last month’s column I suggested understanding our biblical identity in God would free us up to discover our individual uniqueness and identity.

Did you get all that figured out? Nah, neither did I; It’s kind of a lifelong...

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Fiction International

Show Me Your Backyard

Bonnie Way

One of the great things about literature is its ability to take the reader to a specific time or place. We may call it “armchair traveling,” but honestly, for those of us with a small budget (or a love of home), literature is a

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