Blue Enchantress
The Christmas Dog
Hope Flinchbaugh

Book Video Trailers

Writing a Video Book Trailer Script

There are a few writers who write simply because they enjoy the craft of writing. Even fewer writers/authors are doing this work just to make a living at something.

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Tyson Wynn

Publicity - Everyone Needs It

Win-Win for Wynn-Wynn

Christian Fiction Online Magazine is celebrating its one-year anniversary. We were honored to have contributed the first publicity column in the ezine a year ago, and we want to take this opportunity to...

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Heard It Through Hartline

Terry Burns

My Clients

I’ve been asked to use the column this month to talk about how things seem to be picking up in the industry, specifically how I see it with my own clients. I can do that, and brag a little in the process.

Bonnie Calhoun and Michelle Sutton have signed a two book deal with an option for a third with Abingdon Press entitled the Madison PI Series. The first book is titled Thicker than Sisters. Michelle is Tamela Hancock Murray’s client and I represent Bonnie so it is a co-agented project. Release date is not yet set.

Jill Williamson’s By Darkness Hid is the first of a three-book series out now at Marcher Lord Press and available at

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Gotta Get It!?

Kelly Mortimer

Don’t Antagonist Me!

So, what’s the word of the month, and do ya need it in your manuscript? (Not the actual word, but what it stands for.) (Well, do ya?—Yep, I’ve added another “bracket line” to my repertoire. Gotta keep things fresh. . . .) As ya might’ve guessed from the title, our word is antagonist.

Antagonist: 1. a person who is opposed to, struggles against, or competes with another; 2. opponent; adversary. the adversary of ...

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Rachel Meisel

Publisher's Corner

Summerside Press

Three weeks ago I sat at a table in John Elway’s steak house in downtown Denver, where the staff of Summerside Press had gathered for dinner before ICRS. In attendance was an author who’d been invited to share a few words with us. Something he said has stuck with me for the past few weeks, something along the lines of “If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to fail.” In other words, risk is an essential ingredient of success.

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Angela Breidenbach

ACFW Happenings

September Is Special

The winners of the Genesis and Book of the Year contests will be announced at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference Saturday night award ceremony this month! All the talented finalists represent excellence in Christian fiction whether they win the top-of-the-mountain award or not.

The Genesis contest is for pre-published authors and the Book of the Year is for authors who are already published. Judges are volunteers from among their peers as well as agents and editors looking for new talent.

Hundreds of authors and publishing professionals come together every...

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