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Karen Kingsbury

Author Interview

Meet Tamera Alexander

Tamera Alexander and her prose have earned her devoted readers, multiple industry awards, and many best-selling titles: Rekindled, Revealed, and Remembered, the critically acclaimed Fountain Creek Chronicles, to name a few. For over ten years she has entertained us with many inspiring novels. Her 2009 and 2010 scheduled releases will just get better!

After living in Colorado for seventeen years, Tamera...

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Mindy Starns Clark

Spine Chiller Thrillers

Why I Write Mystery Novels

Hidden staircases, secret messages, disappearing strangers . . . Who doesn’t enjoy a good mystery? My love affair with mysteries began one day in grade school, when my teacher passed out a colorful, multipage flyer featuring several pages of kids’ books that we could order through the school.

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Rachel Hauck

Genre Happenings

Chick lit: Life after Bridget Jones and Ashley Stockingdale

I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Bridget Jones. She launched my career. As a struggling romance writer trying to let my “voice” be heard, Ms. Jones and stories like hers helped put the trumpet to my lips.

Tell a single woman’s story of friends, family, career, and romance in first person? No problem. I lived it and recorded it all in college rule notebooks, from ages thirteen to thirty-one.

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Victoria Christopher Murray

Multicultural Fiction

What Is Christian Fiction?

What is Christian fiction? These four words are a major topic of conversation in literary circles. Throughout the country all kinds of discussions and debates, magazine articles and workshop panels are attempting to answer this question.

If you ask twenty readers for their definition, you will get thirty different answers. And don’t even think about asking an author whose work has been labeled (often by others) as Christian fiction because certainly, whatever that author writes is Christian fiction to him or her.

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Lisa Lickel

Reviewers Corner

This month's featured reviewer:
Lisa Lickel

Lisa Lickel is a Wisconsin born and bred author who has traveled extensively around the United States. She is primarily a local historian, active in a number of historical societies. She lives in a one-hundred and fifty-year-old house, quilts and fills the bird feeders. Her writing includes radio theater for FreeQuincy Radio Theater, local newspaper features, magazine articles, local history and inspirational fiction.

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Nancy Moser


Wearing Underwear and Other School Necessities

“School days, school days, dear old broken rule days.”

Three months ago our kids sprang into summer. Hurdled—dragging us with them. But now that school is back, it’s like trying to stuff a puffy pillow into a pillow case. I want to hold them by their waistbands and shake vigorously. You will fit into this.

We’ve all had our fun—or whatever that was—and normal ...

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