Mohamed's Moon
A Taste Of Fame
Trish Perry

Real Life Is Stranger

Have You Heard This One?

Don’t you just love a noisy title?

Reading is a quiet endeavor, so a title’s promise of sound intrigues us, often more than other sensory words. We typically use sight to read the book. And we stay glued to a good story while smelling the hot mug of coffee beside us, letting that square of Dove melt in our mouths, and scratching where it itches.

Actual noise, on the other hand, pulls our...

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Jan Flanders (Etiquette)

Fiction Etiquette with a Southern Twist Twisted Southern

Jan Flanders

A very happy autumn to all you eager young fiction devotees! Isn’t the air bracin’ this mornin’? Doesn’t it just make you want caper with abandon and fling yourself...

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Special Giveaway

Deb Raney

Deb Raney  has a Giveaway!


With a special selection of five books, a book log journal, bookmarks and other assorted goodies that you won't want to miss!

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Loree Lough

Loree's Lough Down

Complaining, Criticizing, and Carping, Oh My

Amazing, isn’t it, just how often those three words are used to describe the wild and wacky publishing industry. Just as amazing, it seems that almost everybody—readers, writers, and an assortment of industry professionals—has at least two cents to toss into the discussion.

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Caroline Friday

Made For Movies


Set in 1868, in the Colorado Territory, Rekindled opens with a vivid image of a horribly burned man, scarred beyond recognition, who watches from a distance while his wife, Kathryn, stands over a gravesite bearing a tombstone with his name: Larson Jennings. Flashbacks...

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