Michelle Sutton 

Michelle Sutton is Editor in Chief of Christian Fiction Online magazine, a member of ACFW, an edgy fiction writer, book reviewer, avid blogger/alliance member, web designer, wife, marketing director, mother of two teens, social worker by trade, and follower of Jesus Christ. Best known for her numerous Edgy Author review sites and her Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers groups, she also gives away two books per week on her blog and posts numerous reviews on

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Introducing May’s issue:

My “Editor’s Spotlight” is on author Lisa Samson. I discovered Lisa’s writing when I read her first book Songbird. It was amazing. And after hearing that Lisa had spoken at a conference about being published but not popular, I knew I had to put the spotlight on her to find out more about what she meant.

In the “Publisher’s Choice” column, Bonnie introduces Tiff “Amber Miller” Stockton, a webmaster and author who knows her stuff! She offers great services to authors. Check out her column!

Our Cover author-model interviewee for the May issue is both former ACFW President and a fabulous author, Rachel Hauck. I’m sure you will love what she has to say, so stop by her column.

CFOM’s surprisingly snarky columnist Michelle Levigne talks about popular fiction in “Fiction Rants.” Her May column is titled “That Graveyard Book” and references The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Make sure to stop by and read her take on it.

Randy Ingermanson, aka “Randy Rooney,” writes a column titled “Pesky Sam Tries to Help Randy Write Endorsements.” In this May column, Sam the plumber continues to push the envelope when he tries—once again—to help Randy Rooney. This column is definitely a favorite. So check it out.

Our not-so-humble fiction etiquette specialist, “Jan Flanders,” tackles the difficult subject of e-loop etiquette. Stop by to get Ms. Flanders’s twisted take on how to address these situations properly.

In “Making a Scene,” Brandilyn Collins, our expert suspense writer, talks about the “Symbolism in Fiction.” This is the first part of a series. So stop by and take notes.

“Real Life Is Stranger” columnist, Trish Perry, pens an insane column based on another true-life story taken straight from the news. This one is titled “So You Want to Jump into the Animal-Story Genre?” Trish relays a true event but puts a spin on it that is sure to make you laugh. I guarantee it.

This month Nora St. Laurent, our “Book Clubs” columnist, interviews another book club leader, Donna Moore. If you’re thinking about starting a club, you’ll want to check out this column.

ACFW Publicity Officer, Angie Breidenbach, talks about the special benefits of being a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers organization in the “ACFW Happenings” column.

“Gotta Get It?” columnist, Kelly Mortimer, talks about genre. Until I became an author, I had no clue what that word meant. Want a good laugh? Then stop by and find out what Kelly has to say.

What’s going on in the world of Christian fiction? “Heard It Through Hartline” columnist Terry Burns shares the latest news in the publishing industry.

Editor Adele Annesi shares more editorial wisdom in her column “Word for Words,” which replaces the “Fiction Fix-It” column formerly written by Meredith Efken.

Multi-published author Loree Lough, who has plenty of interesting things to say about novels and writers, has her own advice column, “Loree’s Lough Down.” Her article is titled “Beware of Faux Instructors.” Isn’t that a great title? Well, the column is even better!

Youth Pastor David Meigs, whose home was destroyed by fire right before the holidays, will be back for the May issue. The topic he will share in “Life Transforming Fiiction” is a surprise.

Our “Write Real” columnist, Mary DeMuth, gives more great advice in her article titled “Writing in Obscurity.” If you’re thinking about writing a book, now is a good time to stop by and check out this column.

Nancy Moser provides more spiritual encouragement in her “Devotional” column titled “Someone Has to Do It.” Everything she writes for CFOM is inspirational.

Next month “Box Office or Book Store” columnist, Sarah Salter, discusses The List by Robert Whitlow. The focus of the column is on which is better, the book or the movie? Sarah Salter will analyze the book and the movie and share her thoughts.

“Confession Corner” by DJ Mansker is back and features more insane dialogue. This next installment is called “The Confession Corner Faces Techno Temptation.” What is that wacky booth up to now? Read it and see.

Rachel Hauck shares another gem with her readers in “Rachel’s Rubies” . May’s gemstone is “Morganite.” I’ve never even heard of it, but how she relates the gem to her topic is, as usual, amazing. Check it out.

Our “Quantum Marketing” columnist, the expert marketing guru Jim Rubart, has amazing insight. This month he discusses “Why Boomers Are Lousy Marketers.” As usual, he is SPOT ON.

Talented screenplay writer Caroline Friday is reading various CBA titles and writing her monthly column about why the title chosen that month should be “Made for Movies.” May’s column spotlights the book Dogwood by Chris Fabry.

Our May guest columnists should delight you as well:

Linda Leigh Hargrove is our “Multicultural Fiction” columnist for May. Make sure to stop by and see what she has to say.

Jill Elizabeth Nelson is an apartment manager and she works a lot, but somehow she still finds time to write. Discover how she manages to do both in “Author by Night.”

Julie Lessman is the featured historical fiction author for the “Genre Happenings” column. She talks about how to research for historical fiction when you dislike doing research.

In “For Writers Only,” Cindy Woodsmall talks about writing what you are called to write and not being discouraged when the “experts” say it’s been done enough already and to give up or change to something else. You can learn a lot from the pros, so stop by and glean wisdom from her column.

“Reviewer’s Corner” for May features historical fiction titles and spotlights amazing book reviewer Kim Ford. She is one of my favorite reviewers. Read this column and you’ll see why.

Kim Vogel Sawyer is our featured “POD/Self-Publishing” columnist for the May issue and she talks about her dream fulfilled. Stop by to find out more about Kim, her experiences as an author, and her books.

CFOM’s column “Book Videos” features more exciting Book Trailers. Our featured columnist is Rachel Hauck, who will talk about the making of her Elle book video. I know, she has three spots this month, but the woman is amazing, okay?

“Publisher’s Corner” features Joanne Simmons of Heartsong Presents. She shares about Heartsong’s history, mission, and vision for publishing Christian fiction.

Rachelle Gardner of Wordserve Literary Agency is the featured agent in May’s “Agent Corner.” In her last column, she shared about a day in her life as an agent. Now read what she has to say this time about agenting and Christian fiction.

This May, Kathleen Y’Barbo of Books & Such Literary Agency is the publicity columnist for “Publicity: Everyone Needs It.” Want to know how this agency is using a publicist to promote their authors titles? Read this column and find out.

N.J. Lindquist of Toronto, Canada, is our featured “Fiction International” columnist. Like other international authors, she has had to deal with multiple barriers selling to an American market. Read about how she meets those challenges.

Our CFBA Blog Tour blog winner for April is unveiled in May’s issue. Although there are many great reviews and blogs to choose from, each month the editor’s challenge is to find the best in the bunch.

Our “Spine Chiller Thriller” columnist for May is Pamela Tracey, the author of several Love Inspired Suspense titles. Pamela has written some thrilling stories. If you want to know where she gets her inspiration to write exciting stories, you’ll want to read this column.

Last, our “Short Stories” column features two different, yet appealing, tales. The first is titled “Stinky Switcheroo, Part 2” by Christa Bannister. If you enjoy chick lit humor, it’s sure to grab your interest. Following that short story is one Kay Day titled “Last Chance Cook.” Both of these shorts are sure to make you smile.

That’s it for May’s issue. Be sure to keep coming back for more.

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