Hannah Dodd was adopted in Haiti when she was 6 months old. Her family lived in the US for a couple of years and then her parents became missionaries to Rwanda and eventually Tanzania. In the 6th grade Hannah began writing songs. When her family moved back overseas, she was home schooled again and thus had a lot of time to write. In the two years her family remained in Africa she completed a 168 pages, but very poorly written book, and completed half of another story. She continues to write songs and stories in her spare time to improve her skills and one day hopes to be a published novelist.

Christian Fiction on a Mission: How One Teen Found Dee Henderson...in Africa

Being an army brat, as well as a missionary kid, I could relate to the characters more...

Hi, my name is Hannah. I’ve pretty much always been an avid reader. I started reading adult fiction a while ago, but I really got into it the fall of sixth grade. My family moved to Africa, and I was allowed to bring only two footlockers on the plane. They couldn’t weigh more than seventy pounds each, which meant a definite limit on my supply of books.

A day or so after I arrived in Babati, Tanzania, I was hanging out in a fellow missionary’s office when I saw some books on the shelf. I investigated the titles and read the back covers. I decided that one of the stories sounded interesting and asked to borrow it. Besides, that would have to do because that’s all I had to read!

The book I picked up was The Negotiator in the O’Malley FamilyThe Negotiator Series written by Dee Henderson. The missionaries had several other books written by Dee Henderson, so I had the blessed privilege to read more. I also read Uncommon Heroes and fell in love with all of the books in that series. Being an army brat, as well as a missionary kid, I could relate to the characters more because the stories were about the military.

Dee Henderson is an amazing author and definitely has storytelling talent, making it hard to put down her books. I think it’s great that she’s using her talent for God. She is one of my favorite authors. Reading her books helped give me a sense of direction in what I want do with my life when I graduate from high school, which is still a couple of years in the future.

O'malley SeriesWhen my family returned to the States, I discovered public libraries everywhere, so I was able to eventually finish the whole O’Malley Series, including the prequel, Danger in the Shadows. Even though I’ve read all those books, when I’m bored and can’t find anything else to read, I’ll read one of the Dee’s books all over again. In fact, I could stand to read them all a few hundred more times.

Why? Because I love books that have an element of mystery in them and a lot of suspense. And I can stand a little romance, too. Dee Henderson does such a great job of weaving the two together, creating an intriguing story. The balance between those two elements is always well-done.

So now that you know how I discovered Christian fiction, and that I’m a huge Dee Henderson fan, I definitely recommend her books to anyone who wants to read a fantastic book.