Michelle Sutton 

Michelle Sutton is Editor in Chief of Christian Fiction Online magazine, Volunteer Officer on the ACFW board, an edgy fiction writer, book reviewer, avid blogger/alliance member, web designer, wife, marketing director, mother of two teens, social worker by trade, and follower of Jesus Christ. Best known for her numerous Edgy Author review sites and her Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers groups, she also gives away two books per week on her blog and posts numerous reviews on

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Coming up next month Christian Fiction Online Magazine offers another feast of talented columnists and interesting topics. I’ll discuss the latest developments in CFOM. Introducing the September issue topics:

The “Editor’s Spotlight” is on Christa Bannister, freelance writer and reporter. She talks about her career as a freelance writer and how God has used that skill to launch her career as a fiction author.

Our cover author/model for the September issue has crossed over from the ABA to join fellow believers on the CBA side of the fiction world. Come meet the lovely and talented Tamara Leigh. You won’t want to miss this Author Interview!

The zany “Flip Side” column of what not to do, written by Thomas Smith, tickles your funny bone with a real urban legend: “The Inspiration Fairy.”

Sara Mills gives an amusing diatribe titled “Churchmouse’s Books and Gifts” in “Fiction Ramblings.”

Randy Ingermanson aka “Randy Rooney” presents a snarky perspective on “The Borderline Author.” What exactly is it, and how do you know if you have it?

Our not-so-humble fiction etiquette specialist, Jan Flanders, answers a troubled reader who asks, “Why are Christian publishers so resistant to publishing edgy stories that portray real people in the real world?”

In “Making a Scene,” Brandilyn Collins, our expert suspense writer, presents part two of her story resolution series.

“Real Life Is Stranger” columnist, Trish Perry, has a zany tale for you called “The Murder that Didn’t Take.” You have to be a tad morbid to find that topic funny. But still . . . don’t read this one with your mouth full or you may damage your computer monitor. I’m serious!

Stacy Oliver, “Bookclubs” columnist, gives pointers this month called “10 Tips to Recharge Your Book Club.”

Cara Putnam, the ACFW Publicity Officer, announces in “ACFW Happenings” the finalists for the BOTY contest. She also shares a bit more about the upcoming ACFW conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Kelly Mortimer raves like only Kelly can do about this thing called edgy fiction. Just because it sounds cool, does that mean you “Gotta Get It???” Read her rant, then you decide.

What’s going on in the world of fiction? “Heard It Through Hartline” columnist, Terry Burns, talks about the latest news. Check it out.

“Ask Ashley” columnist, Kristin Billerbeck, delves into yet another difficult question posed by an adoring fan who asks, “Ashley, what’s a girl to do when every woman’s magazine seems more like a sex guide? I want to read about trends and fashion, but this obsession with getting a man in bed is creeping me out. Am I abnormal to find this offensive?”

Meredith Efken discusses scene structure necessary for great fiction, and she addresses it from a “Fiction Fix-It” editor’s point of view.

David Meigs brings another true-to-life story about “Life Transforming Christian Fiction” . You won’t want to miss this!

Our “Write Real” columnist, Mary DeMuth, shares insight into subtlety and how critical that is for conveying your message to the reader.

Nancy Moser provides comfort in Scripture and shares yet another fabulous “Devotional” to inspire us all when she talks about persistence.

The “Big Screen/Your Scene” column by Susan May Warren delves in to the movie 27 Dresses. She exposes how important both premise and ending are in creating a fabulous story readers won’t want to put down.

We're also introducing a fantastic new column called “Spine Chiller Thrillers” on the Best tab. This column will feature articles from Suspense/Thriller authors. Ever wonder why some authors write such intense stuff. Ever ask yourself, "Where do these folks get their ideas?" If your answer is yes, stop by and meet the incredible authors!

DJ Mansker’s “Confession Corner” features more insane dialog between a booth and its confessor. Will the booth be up to the task as a group of high-wired women from a local book club test the saged corner’s skills?

Our illustrious “Dr. Jim” continues sharing his wisdom by introducing the “Six A's of Addiction.” The second A stands for Aberrant Alliteration Disorder. After addressing his counselee’s question, Dr. Jim asks, “Do we dare delve into the depths of such dastardly diseases?” You decide.

Our guest columnists are fabulous in September as well:

For “Multicultural Fiction” we have Shawneda Marks, main reviewer for Golden Book Club/Circle with Wellness Walkers Foundation, Inc., talking about stories that have inspired her.

Marlo Schalesky impresses us with her business skills and her ability to balance her job with her love for writing in “Author by Night.”

Marylu Tyndall shares her thoughts on our modern culture and relays how she deals with Edgy Historical fiction in the "Genre Happenings" column.

In “For Writers Only”, Susan Meissner talks about word painting. What is it, you ask? Stop by this column and find out.

“Reviewer’s Corner” features top-notch book reviews in the Lits category and will spotlight beloved Aussie reviewer Rel Mollet.

Linore Rose Burkard discusses how she made the leap from “POD and Self-publishing” to a two-book contract with Harvest House Publishers. Whether you've self-published or not, find out if you've got the momentum in your marketing strategies to make that next big leap in your writing career.

Our “Teen Column” for September is written by Sarah Katie, aka Reborn Butterfly. She talks about why she thinks Christian fiction has been relatively unheard of by most teens, but how it has positively impacted her life.

“Publisher’s Corner” features Sheaf House Publishers. A relatively new small press, Sheaf House is sure to make a splash in the fiction market through their fresh voices in fiction. The Sheaf House tagline is . . . Real Life. Real Faith. Real Fiction.

The “Agent Corner” spotlights Janet Kobobel Grant from Books ’n’ Such agency. She’ll introduce readers to her company when she talks about her literary agency and a few hints of why some people choose the wrong agent.

“Publicity: Everyone Needs It” features Broadman and Holman’s in-house publicist, Julie Gwinn. She talks about their publishing house’s new fiction line and how they are marketing it.

Colleen Shine, a resident of South America, is our featured “Fiction International” columnist. Her perspective on writing and selling fiction from across the globe is quite interesting. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Our “Mad Marketing Genius” expert for September is Karen Wiesner. Selling your book via a small press is challenging, but also rewarding. Listen to what she has to say about it.

Our “CFBA Blog Tour” blog winner for August is unveiled in September’s issue. Our bloggers are working hard to crank out excellent reviews to help promote Christian fiction. Although there are many good titles to choose from, each month the challenge is to find the best in the bunch.

Last, our “Short Stories” column features two fabulous tales. You will be wowed by the talent these authors posses. Read DeAnna Julie Dodson’s “Beloved Stranger,” and Greg Davis’s “Second Chances.” They’ll stick with you long after you finish them. Now, that’s a great read!

That’s it for September, but keep coming back. It’s a great experience, don’t you think? Thought so. Please tell your friends.