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Kathi Macias, popular speaker and prolific author, is an Angel-award winning writer who has published twenty-one books and hundreds of articles. Whether keyboarding her latest book, keynoting a conference, or riding on the back of her husband's Harley, Kathi “Easy Writer” Macias is a lady on a mission to communicate God’s vision. Her insightful words—filled with passion, humor and soul nourishment—refresh audiences from all walks of life. To book Kathi for your next event, email kenbarry[at]thebarryagency.com. For more information, visit www.KathiMacias.com.

Never Say Never!

Though self-publishing may not be appropriate for every author or every book, I have rediscovered the importance...

I’ve been working in the publishing industry for nearly three decades, and I’ve worn nearly every hat there is, including author, editor, ghostwriter, and all-around gofer. Throughout that time I’ve seen a lot of changes (some for the better, others not so much!), and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that flexibility is a must. The publishing world is no easy life, but if we’re sure God has called us to serve in that venue, then serve we must.

I thought the only flexibility I had to worry about was learning how to operate in various genres and in the different facets of publishing. I seemed to make the transition from editor to writer and back again with relative ease. One thing I thought I’d never do is self-publish a book. However, I have done that three times.

What changed my mind? Do I have any regrets? It began when I decided to pull together all the notes I’d used over the years to teach my train-of-thought writing method at various writing conferences and other events. I discovered I had two options: I could spend months knocking on traditional publishing doors until I (maybe) found someone willing to take the project and then wait many more months until the book was released, or I could publish it myself in a matter of weeks and retain all rights. I opted for the latter, which resulted in a professionally printed book titled The Train of Thought Method: Practical, User-Friendly Help for Beginning Writers.

A few months later I was approached by a delightful man from Nashville named Dr. Cupid Poe, who wanted to discuss the possibility of my helping him write a nonfiction book based on a true story. After hearing the amazing tale, I felt it wise to take the story’s foundation and turn it into a novel. We did, and then I went back to the same self-publisher for two reasons: First, Dr. Poe was unknown in the publishing world and had little or no platform to help sell his book, so traditional publishers weren’t interested. Second, he wanted the book out quickly.

Again, we were very pleased with the results. The downside is that sales haven’t been stellar, because it’s tough to market a novel by an unknown author who doesn’t have a platform. The upside is that a playwright read the book, titled Emma Jean Reborn, loved it, and it is now in the early stages of production.

About a year after publishing Emma Jean Reborn, I was hired by Joe Hare, a corrections officer/guidance counselor at San Quentin for more than three decades. His one-on-one work with such infamous inmates as Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, and Black Panther George Jackson made for a fascinating story but not one that interested traditional publishers. Back to the self-publisher we went, producing a book titled Changed at San Quentin . . . For Better or Worse, a wonderful tool for those involved in prison ministry and/or with loved ones serving time behind bars.

Though none of the three books has made the bestseller list, I continue to write/publish primarily with traditional publishers. Working with this self-publisher, Author Solutions, Inc., in Bloomington, Indiana, was so positive that I now have an ongoing, professional relationship with them. They have retained me as their consultant to the Christian publishing community—adding yet another hat to my collection. Though self-publishing may not be appropriate for every author or every book, I have rediscovered the importance of “never say never,” particularly in the changing world of writing and publishing.

So long as God continues to give me messages to write, I will publish each one however He directs. I encourage you to do the same.

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