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Life-Transforming Fiction

Adversity in Fiction Changes Lives

A few years ago, I sent a draft of one of my novels to a copyeditor. I was shocked when, a week later, I received an angry message from her. She couldn’t understand why I had killed off two characters she had fallen in love with.

Dave Meigs

“They escaped slavery and finally found a place where they could live in complete freedom, only to be brutally murdered. Their whole lives were ahead of them!”

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The Flip Side

Thou Shalt Publish

Thomas Smith

My friend and mentor, the late Charles L. Grant, gave me the writing pep talk of my life. Charlie had written and published over 100 books and more short stories than I could count. He wrote horror, romance, YA fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, and a few things that defy genres, all under different names. He was also an award-winning editor and anthologist.

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Fiction Ramblings

Writer As A Rolling Stone

Sara Mills

I am a writer. My first book came out a few months ago, but I’ve been around the industry a long time, so I have heard many stories about the dreaded book signing.

Now, to a reader, the whole idea sounds terribly glamorous: long lines, screaming fans, and hundreds of books sold. You know, your average book signing . . .

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Rachel's Rubies

The Golden Nuggets Of Fiction

Rachel Hauck

I bristle when I read a review with these words, “it was a fast read” or “great for a light summer read.”

Unless the read is a novella, how can it be a fast? Unless the book weights an ounce, how can it be light?

Wait a minute, I know what you’re thinking, “Rachel, I read really fast. I can put away two trade fictions a week.”

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Mad Marketing Genius

Marketing Is More Than “Pushing” Your Books

Tiffany Colter

Do you often shy away from marketing because you envision hard sales tactics, cold calls, and “pushing” your books? This is terrifying and difficult, and it’s not the most effective way to market your book. What if, instead of using “marketing,” I said “networking” or “talking about your book”? Are these terrifying? No, and a smart author is one...

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Fiction International

Confessions from One Aussie Author

Mary Hawkins

It is over seventeen years since my two fingers typed my first submission letter accompanying my first Christian fiction manuscript to a religious publisher in my home country of Australia. The search for a publisher—and rejection letters—had begun.

After the first rejection, I phoned an experienced and kind editor I’d previously met. I took a deep breath and blurted...

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