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Dear Reader,

The holidays are almost upon us and we are already publishing our fifth issue! Where has the time gone? This past month of October, CFOM has had over 6,000 visitors and more than 10,000 page loads. We have some changes this month that are noteworthy. The Ask Ashley column will be retiring. Ashley is so busy that she has to say goodbye. She wanted you all to know she enjoyed giving advice to her readers but it's time for her to move on. The Teen column is also taking a hiatus and may or may not be back depending on what we decide.

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CFBA Blog Tours For November

See the seven books on tour with the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance this month! Visit our CFBA Blog on a weekly basis to see the latest tours and the lists of participating blogs

Come and check out the monthly winner of the best CFBA Book Review on our tour circuit!

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Publisher's Choice

Introducing CherryblossomMJ

Bonnie Calhoun

Every month I will be highlighting someone or something that makes a great impression on me personally. This month I'd like to introduce one of my favorite friends and a great reviewer from the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. MJ, the stage is all yours!

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Editor's Spotlight

Michelle Sutton

This month I’d like to introduce Bonnie Leon. Way back when I first started reading Christian fiction I had discovered Bonnie’s books. I’d read all of the Thoene books and was looking for a serious read. I found a book with a cross taped to the label, which was attached to the spine of the book identifying it as a Christian book.

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Next Month's Issue

Coming up next month Christian Fiction Online Magazine offers more talented columnists and interesting topics. I’ll discuss the latest developments to CFOM.

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Box O' Books Contest

Leaves are swirling and snow is about to fall...'tis the season. And in honor of Fall, we're offering 10 books that will 'leave' you wanting more! Come sign up for the contest!

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