Siri Mitchell

Author Interview

Meet Siri Mitchell

This month’s interview is with Siri L. Mitchell. As a military spouse, she has traveled and lived in different parts of the world, including Paris and Tokyo. She currently resides in the Washington DC metro area. She is fluent in French and is currently mastering the skill of sushi making.

A graduate of the University of Washington, Siri has written several chick lits, including Chateau of Echoes and The Cubicle Next Door, which were Christy Award finalists. Out this fall, Siri’s latest novel is headlining in historical romance.

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Deena Peterson

Reviewers Corner

This month's featured reviewer:

Deena Peterson (
I've only been blogging about books for a little over 18 months. My mom was my book buddy, and when she died I had no one to really talk books with. When my husband started a blog for our church, I thought "I can do that." So "A Peek At My Bookshelf" was born. In the midst of my myriad piles of reading material, I'm a pastor's wife, a full time mom to two teens at home, a home schooler, and a women's ministry leader. We have a total of six children all together; our second oldest daughter just got married this month!

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Jenny B. Jones

Genre Happenings

The YA Bookshelf

I love to talk books. As a teacher, one of my favorite things is to discuss YA reads with my high schoolers. I have a classroom library and constantly shove books in my kids’ faces. (And normally it’s with a gentle hand, but some days . . .)

Young adult lit has come a long way since the innocent times of Sweet Valley High. I have a few recommendations for those ready to make a run to your local bookseller.

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Tyora Moody

Multicultural Fiction

Are You Reading Outside The Box?

Some turning points in our lives stick with us. For me, during 2000, a slow transition took place on my beloved bookshelf. For many years, family and friends never saw me—the avid bookworm—without a book. But somewhere around 1998, a stirring dissatisfaction grew in my spirit. Back then I still was a babe in Christ, on fire and struggling with things I needed to let go. It soon became apparent to me that authors and books that used to appeal to me were now a problem. So, I stopped reading fiction until one day a dear friend introduced me to a book.

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Brandilyn Collins

Spine Chiller Thrillers

Staring Evil In The Face

I’m jogging—and see the door of a house hanging open. No one in sight. Where does my mind go? Break-in, body in bedroom. I walk to my car in a parking garage. My keys are in hand, eyes alert. What am I thinking? Probable mugging area. On a rural road I pass a leaf-covered, dusty car. What if I saw a dead body slumped behind the wheel?

That last one made it into Coral Moon.

Suspense has taken over my life. So why in the world do I write it?

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Nancy Moser


The Right Side Out

It was Sunday evening. My family straightened up the house, transforming it from its weekend chaos to its weekday cleanliness (or some semblance thereof). As I sailed past the living room, my hands full of wayward dishes and newspapers, I noticed the afghan was folded across the back of the couch—which was a nice surprise. Yet there was something displeasing about the effect. Then I realized the afghan was wrong side out.

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