Cindy Di Tiberio

Publisher's Corner

Avon Inspire

Avon Inspire was launched in the summer of 2007 to help bring a new level of readership to some of your favorite faith fiction authors. For many years, Christian fiction was a staple for Christian publishing houses, but was completely absent in the general market publisher. Fortunately, the success of Jan Karon’s Mitford books and the Left Behind series made these publishers take note.

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Cara Putnam

ACFW Happenings

What ACFW Is For You

I vividly remember years when the dream of writing seemed illusive. Somehow people had these wonderful ideas that mysteriously turned into manuscripts. Somehow those manuscripts found the right editors and agents. And somehow those editors and agents made the manuscripts into books on store shelves while the writer got huge advances and worked on another story.

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Heard It Through Hartline

Joyce Hart

wo Christian publishers are planning to release additional biographies about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who was recently chosen to be the running mate by Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

White Stone Books will release Sarah Palin: The Real Deal by G. Robert James.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin: Faith, Family, Country by Susan Sherwood Parr (Bridge-Logos Publishers) is scheduled to hit bookstores on October 10.

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Gotta Get It!?

Kelly Mortimer

Platform Ain't Just A Shoe

I’ve grown to hate the word platform. Not only does it remind me that I used to worship Elton John, but now my pre-pubbed authors have to come up with marketing strategies instead of concentrating on writing. Ah, well.

So, what exactly is a platform? Literally, something ya stand on that puts you above others. Same idea in the publishing industry.

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Book Video Trailers

Grace Bridges

We’ve all seen them—the video links people send to one another, post on their sites, watch again and again. Occasionally videos go viral—sometimes for no apparent reason. Mostly it’s because they capture the imagination, showcasing something so new and different the whole world wants to see it. Imagine if you could do that with your book trailer. Sure would be a boost to your marketing, right?

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Publicity - Everyone Needs It

A Day In The Life Of A Publicist

Katie Schroder

A few years ago, on a hot summer afternoon, I stood in my suit and completely insensible heels, watching one of my authors (I’ll call him ‘John’) signing books for retailers lined up at our convention booth. For old pros like John—he relishes a private moment with each fan—I try to make...

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