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Editor's Spotlight

by Michelle Sutton

Dave Brollier

This month the editor’s spotlight is on David Brollier, a remarkable author and man who serves God with his whole heart. I had the privilege of reviewing David’s book, The 3rd Covenant, when it first came out, and I was very impressed with his storytelling ability. Here is a bit more about David I bet you don’t know.

David Brollier is a retired correctional officer who is a writer and works part-time in his local library. He is also a licensed minister, and is heavily involved with Soar Like an Eagle Ministries out of Milford, Pennsylvania. He and his lovely wife, Barbara Ann, have just celebrated their thirty-fifth anniversary. They have two grown children, Brent Andrew and Carrie Ann. Brent is married to Laura, and they are proud parents of Ethan (three) and Claire (seven months). They are training in Dallas to enter the mission field to translate the Bible into a language that does not have a Bible. Carrie has her masters in Deaf Education and teaches pre-school children who are hearing impaired. Her dedication to these kids, her work, and her love for them is exemplary and her parents are proud of her.

David currently has one novel published, The 3rd Covenent. He has completed a second mystery novel and is preparing to submit it. He has also written a Bible study based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, with over thirty lessons in it. He is currently trying something new, a fictional work that teaches about spiritual warfare and attempts to give some visual conception of the spiritual battlefield. He loves writing, especially new and different things. He has written a number of short stories that he hasn’t submitted for publication, but at one time were on one of his several Web sites.

To learn more about him, to purchase his book, or to read the first three chapters, go to You can also read more about his views and how he thinks, as well as link to his church, Soar Like an Eagle Ministries, or leave a comment in his guestbook.

He is also cofounder of the Christian Fiction Review Blog, which features a new book each month. Each tour lasts the entire first week of the month, and there seems to be no limits. From fantasy romance to science fiction, from mystery to horror, from the simple story to the complex plot, you will find it all here at the Christian Fiction Review Blog. Most are either unknown or little-known authors, yet from CFRB’s perspective they are all great. Mr. Brollier counts it a privilege to be among them. Now here are some words from the man, himself.

Hi, my name is David Brollier, and I am an author. Sounds like the beginning of an AA meeting, doesn’t it? Well, I’m not in AA, but I am a writer. My book, The 3rd Covenant, came out in May 2006. I love mysteries, especially the forensics of solving crimes. I have every Sherlock Holmes story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Consequently, although my main character is the lead investigator, it’s through his partner that I bring in the forensics.

I’ve learned a lot about writing while writing this book, and a whole lot more afterward. As a Christian fiction author, I find that there are generally two camps of authors: those who write for publication, and those who write for the Lord. Both really write for publication, but the latter group sees their work as something more than just getting a book published. They see it as a way to minister to the Lord and His people. I definitely fall into the latter group, and have had people berate me for my stance. Yet I can name wonderful Christian authors who have made even bolder stances than myself. I am not alone.

The 3rd Covenant takes place in Manhattan, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania, and a few scenes are in Brooklyn. The reason for this wide geographical range is when Detective Nat Adams and CSI May K. Wish look at a cult run by an ex-convict, this convict and one or more of his members are seen at one place or another. The race is on to try to locate the deadly band before more dead bodies pile up. Lots of twists and turns are inThe 3rd Covenant this book. The ending caught me by surprise. I had fun writing it, so I know people have fun reading it. It’s not perfect, as it was my debut novel and I’m still learning, but it is still a very good story.

This brings me to CFRB, that is the Christian Fiction Review Blog. Shortly after publication I realized I was going to have to get word out about my book, so I went searching for people to tour my book. Some Christian sites turned me down because I did not meet the Christian Bookseller Association’s standards—I chose a publisher they did not recognize.

CFRB began as simply a way to get my book toured. I figured if no one else was going to tour my book, then I’d create my own tour group. God, however, had other plans. He planted in me a soft heart and a knowledge of His Word. I approached Jackie Moore with the idea of creating a review blog that would tour Christian fiction, including those deemed unacceptable by CBA standards. She prayed and then enthusiastically agreed to cofound the Christian Fiction Review Blog. Jackie chose the template, created the logo, and also put up some other graphics on the site. She actually began the blog. We were going to review alternately, and she took the first month, but I enjoyed reviewing so much that the first book Arms of Deliverance by Tricia Goyer is the only standard book that I haven’t read, and it was our first, December 2007. Bonnie Calhoun of CFBA (Christian Fiction Blog Alliance) helped me out with getting a blog roll on our site. It took me a while, because I can be pretty dense.

During that first month, and looking at the books we had coming down the line, I remembered the Scripture teaches us to put others ahead of ourselves (see Phil. 2:1–11). So I kept putting the tour of my book off. In fact, CFRB didn’t tour it until June 2007, and that was only because some members complained about my shifting the schedule again and moving myself back.

Today we are united as never before. We have a Preview Team to make sure what we tour is both Christian and a work of quality. We have people who help with graphics, HTML, and administration. It has been amazing to see God raise up all these different people to create a fully functioning body that can represent Him to the world. This is why we exist, not only to promote books, but also to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to minister to one another. We may be small, but so is that little vibration that causes a massive avalanche, or that grain of sand that tips the scales. We have been an international ministry almost from the beginning, with members in Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, England, and more. These active members are some of the best writers I’ve ever had the pleasure to read and come to know. If nothing else, I have been truly blessed by those at the Christian Fiction Review Blog.

Please, stop by and check us out at We’d love to have you visit and hear from you. Until then, God bless you all. God bless the works of your hands, remembering that the first and greatest Author is Jesus. What a thrill to be counted worthy to use words to reach people, just as His Word has reached us.