Michelle Sutton 

Michelle Sutton is Editor in Chief of Christian Fiction Online magazine, Volunteer Officer on the ACFW board, an edgy fiction writer, book reviewer, avid blogger/alliance member, web designer, wife, marketing director, mother of two teens, social worker by trade, and follower of Jesus Christ. Best known for her numerous Edgy Author review sites and her Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers groups, she also gives away two books per week on her blog and posts numerous reviews on

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Coming up next month Christian Fiction Online Magazine offers a smorgasbord of talented columnists and topics. I’ll present our vision for CFOM. Here is a brief introduction to the topics in the August issue.

The Editor’s Spotlight is on Stephanie Grace Whitson She talks about her writing career's beginning.

Our cover author/model for the August issue is both talented and beautiful. Denise Hunter has great things to share with us. Don’t miss this Author Interview!

The Flip Side column, by Thomas Smith, reveals how to become a “One Trick Pony.”

Sara Mills discusses book matchmaking in Fiction Ramblings.

Randy Ingermanson AKA Randy Rooney presents a snarky perspective on the manly guy and Christian fiction.

Our oh-so-wise and not-so-humble fiction etiquette specialist, Jan Flanders, answers a reader’s question about approaching editors and agents at writers’ conferences.

In Making a Scene, Brandilyn Collins, our expert suspense writer, delves into the topic of story resolution.

The Real Life is Stranger columnist, Trish Perry, has a delightful tale for you called “A Little Too Cozy Mystery.” (Don’t you just love that title?)

Stacy Oliver adds a bit of encouragement in her Book Clubs column. She writes about how to be a discussion leader in Who Me?

Cara Putnam, the ACFW Publicity Officer, announces in ACFW Happenings the finalists for the Genesis contests. She also shares a bit more about the upcoming ACFW conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Kelly Mortimer raves like only Kelly can do about this thing called high concept. But just because it sounds cool, does that mean you Gotta Get It???

What’s going on in the world of fiction? Heard It Through Hartline columnist, Tamela Hancock Murray, shares her wit and wisdom. Check it out.

And for a fun topic that is sure to delight, Kristin Billerbecks talks about “No Sex in the City.” A reader asks in Ask Ashley… Ashley, is it just me? I don't understand what's so liberating about women blatantly sleeping around. Why do women across America love this show/movie?

Meredith Efken continues to highlight the Christian in Christian fiction from a Fiction Fix-it editor’s point of view.

David Meigs shares about Life-Changing Fiction. He has exciting examples of how Christian fiction has been used to touch lives.

Our Write Real columnist, Mary DeMuth, shares insight into how to make heroines and villains come alive on the page.

Nancy Moser delights writers with a humorous Devotional called The Wails of Summer. Every parent who understands the need for patience will get a chuckle out of the lesson Nancy has to share.

The Big Screen/Your Scene column by Susan May Warren delves in to the movie Jumper and discusses how rules are crucial in your storyworld.

DJ Mansker’s column Confession Corner features more insane dialog between a booth and it’s confessor…who happens to be a rag reader and is not proud of it.

Our illustrious Dr. Jim elaborates on the “Six A’s” in addiction. Don’t ask. It’s too hard to explain. But Dr. Jim boggles the mind with his impressive advice, so stop by.

Our guest columnists are fabulous in August as well:

For Multicultural Fiction we have LaShaunda Hoffman, aka Miss Sormag.

Brandt Dodson shares about his split personality in Author by Night. Yes, he is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You won’t want to miss this column.

Nancy Moser shares in Genre Happenings how to write in multiple genres and still make a name and brand for yourself. It can be done.

In the For Writers Only Column, Erin Brown (our illustrious technical editor) discusses the purpose driven author and explores why we do what we do.

Reviewer’s Corner features top-notch book reviews in the mystery/suspense category and will spotlight renowned book reviewer Tim Frankovich.

Carole Whang-Schutter encourages readers in her column about POD and Self-Publishing as she shares about how her first story became a Hollywood feature film.

Our Teen Column for August is written by Hannah Dodd. She has a special surprise up her sleeve.

Publisher’s Corner features Bethany House Publishers. They share all kinds of helpful tidbits about their company and the market today.

The Agent Corner spotlights Rachelle Gardner of Wordserve Literary. Looking for an agent? Check out what Rachelle has to say about the agent biz.

Publicity-Everyone Needs It features Tyndale House. One of their in-house publicists shares how they get the word out about great fiction.

Cathy West of Bermuda is our featured Fiction International columnist. She delves into the nuances that come into play when an overseas author sells fiction to an essentially American market.

Our Mad Marketing Genius expert is Christy Barritt. She talks about book promotion and how she put on a dinner theater to introduce her latest book to the reading world.

Our CFBA Blog Tour blog is unveiled. In order to select the winner each month, CFBA bog tour reviews were compared, and the best blog review in July is featured in the August issue. Some fabulous reviews posted in June competed for a spotlight in this issue, so it is never an easy decision.

And last, but not least, our Short Stories column presents Dugan's Deed by Peggy Blahn Phifer, and A Stinky Switcheroo by Christa Banister. Love these titles? Curious about the stories? Then check them out. You'll be glad you did.

That’s it for August. Plenty of tasty info to satisfy your appetites, don’t you think?